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Neighborhood Bands: Mind the Gap

February 12, 2010 | Story by: | Categories: Music

Editor’s Note: Today, we start a new series about Neighborhood Bands. We’re talking about Dads and Moms who are rockers. The phenomenon is sweeping the town as our kids age up. Seems like every neighborhood has sprouted a band. And the part-time musicians, Sultans of Swing all, are a pretty interesting bunch. First in the series is Mind the Gap, a bunch of IBM and other engineering types who donate all their proceeds to charity.

Cary, NC – “Mind the Gap” is a British saying used as a public announcement when people are stepping from a train or subway.  It is a warning to watch your step (no one in the band is British – but they enjoy a good pub lunch).  MTG considers “the gap” a metaphor for life.

Band member Jerry Cuomo told me, “we are all different in unique and special ways.  These ‘gaps’ between us should be respected and celebrated.  The gaps are what make us interesting as individuals, hence we should pay attention or ‘mind the gap.’  Further, some gaps simply cannot be ignored.  Folks are in need in this world and MTG is proud that we can contribute to these wonderful causes.”

The band  members include Stan Cox on guitar, Jerry Cuomo on bass, Marc Haberkorn on vocals, Brian Martin on keyboards, Barry Mosakowski on drums, Adolfo Rodriguez on harmonica and percussion. Matthew Sheard does sound and Cathy Hickey appears with the band as a guest vocalist.

Rockin’ for the Cause

MTG is a charity organization whose gigs generate charitable contributions to worthy charities such the Mariposa School for Autism, Duke Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care, and the Lymphoma Society .   All of the proceeds go to a specified charity, donated on behalf of MTG and the hosting venue.   The IBM Corporation will often match the total charitable contribution, making the total contribution substantial.

The Gigs

“MTG brings contagious energy to every show. We move and jump around like crazy people, the way rock was meant to be played.  The set list is made up of favorites from the 1960’s to the present as well as some of our originals.  And we leverage our backgrounds in engineering to create special additions making each show unique and different.  We have a following in the area and many loyal IBMers – and that leads to sold out shows,” guitarist and band member Stan Cox told me.

MTG has played and entertained at IBM corporate events  including gigs at the Voodoo Lounge atop the roof of Las Vegas’ Rio Hotel and The Venetian Hotel and Resort, in Las Vegas.  In Cary, MTG has played at the Koka Booth amphitheater, one of the premier stages in the area as well as many local clubs and private parties.


Given MTG is a non-profit organization, the booking fee is taken in the form of a charitable contribution to the charity identified for that particular show.  MTG will directly promote the charitable event to its fan-base and offer admission and other coupons or specials to raise funds.  Redeemed coupons can be used to contribute or augment the total charitable contribution.

They can be contacted at booking@mindthegapband.org for more information.  Mind the Gap can also be found on Facebook.
Pretty cool.


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