Movie Review: Non-Stop


Cary, NC — I still find it kind of amazing that Liam Neeson has turned into a legitimate action hero at the ripe age of 62. Granted, his imposing figure is pretty ideal for it, and even before Taken became a huge hit, he had dabbled in action with the swashbuckling Rob Roy and Star Wars: Episode I.

However, he was mostly known as a gifted dramatic actor, earning an Oscar nomination for Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List.

Thankfully, someone realized just how good Neeson is at beating up guys on camera and he has been on a roll ever since. Non-Stop is no exception. In fact, Non-Stop goes the extra mile with its over-the-top borderline silly storyline.

I mean that in the best way possible.

Non-Stop Plot Twist

Neeson plays Bill Marks, an air marshal on a non-stop(!) flight to London who receives a text message that someone is going to die every 20 minutes unless $150 million dollars is transferred into an off-shore account.

To make things interesting, the unknown terrorist has put that account in Neeson’s name, leading authorities to believe that Neeson is the one behind it all. Even worse, the accusation is made all the more believable due to the fact that he is a struggling alcoholic with known money and family issues. The marshal must now not only fight to clear his name, but also for the safety of all the passengers on board.

Silly, Yes. But Also Fun.

If that sounds a little outrageous to you, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra, who previously worked with Neeson on Unknown, uses that outrageousness to his advantage and rolls with it. Even better is that everything is played straight. There’s no tongue planted in cheek. Instead everyone gives 100% to the premise, especially Neeson,  and the result only draws you in more.

Serra crafts a genuinely intriguing game of cat and mouse between Neeson and the real terrorist, whom we all know is on board the jet.

Most of the fun of Non-Stop comes from watching Neeson try and figure out exactly who is behind everything. It helps that the cast is peppered with familiar character actors whose faces have popped up in the likes of House of Cards, Argo, Law & Order and 12 Years A Slave.

Everyone is a suspect at some point. While the reveal isn’t quite as mind blowing as the filmmakers would have you think, Non- Stop is still a fun film. And the finale is truly over-the-top.  The reasoning given for the bad guy’s actions does’t quite work, even if I kind of admire the absurdity of it.

Non-Stop Worth The Ride

Non-Stop delivers some solid action, thanks to Liam Neeson’s ability to deal out pain on screen, but the real fun comes from the film’s willingness to go overboard. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


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