Concert Singers Bring Love to the Cary Arts Center


Cary, NC — The Concert Singers of Cary will debut their production of The Lovers by Samuel Barber during their American Love Songs concert at the Cary Arts Center on May 10, 2014.

Concert Singers – American Love Songs

The evening’s theme is American composers and their take on love, and a central piece to be performed will be the Barber work.

Based on poetry of Pablo Neruda, the musical work tells the story of a love affair from its beginning to its end. At about 30 minutes in length, it was originally scored for a full symphony orchestra.

Larry Speakman, director of the Concert Singers, had a hand in the re-scoring and performance of The Lovers in Texas in 2011. He is excited about his chance to bring the work to a new audience as part of the season finale performance of American Love Songs. “If any of us has ever loved and lost, we’ll understand it,” Speakman added.

Rare Work

The revised work remained unavailable until last month. Speakman was only recently able to obtain copies of the music. The Lovers has only rarely been performed and never before in North Carolina. The performance will feature Baritone soloist John Kramar and will utilize a fifteen-player chamber orchestra setting by Dr. Robert Kyr.

From the Concert Singers:

Barber chose Neruda’s passionate song of despair and .. the music connects us so vividly to a situation that no one can escape. In some sense, our greatest loves remain with us equally and always, both those we have kept and those we have lost. In this regard, Barber’s musical approach to the text ultimately helps us heal our losses for the purpose of more fully experiencing the totality of love in all its joys and sorrows.

Other Works in the Show

In addition to the Barber piece, the group will perform works by Stephen  Paulus, Billy Joel, Eric Whitacre and Jerome Kern. The love-themed program was one that Speakman has wanted to perform for a while, taking what he calls McCartney’s “silly little love songs” and bringing the more complicated emotions to the program.

From the first piece by Paulus, centered around four personal  ads in the Village Voice, to Whitacre’s “Five Hebrew Love Songs” and Billy Joel’s “Lullaby” and Jerome Kern’s “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” the audience will hear some familiar favorites and learn about love from new voices.

Event Info

American Love Songs
Concert Singers of Cary
May 10, 2014

Cary Arts Center
101 Dry Ave.
Downtown Cary

Tickets are $18-20/ person. Children under 12 are always admitted free. Get Tickets.


Photo by Denny Colvin courtesy of the Concert Singers of Cary.


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