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Movie Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

the hobbit

Cary, NC — The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is the conclusion to director Peter Jackson’s second trilogy set in Middle Earth. Though not as rousing or emotionally satisfying as the previous finale, The Hobbit 3 still manages to entertain and wrap everything up in a way that should please audiences and fans alike.

Not as Good as Lord of the Rings, But…

I haven’t been able to fall in love with The Hobbit films the way I did with The Lord of the Rings films in part, I think, from the lack of memorable characters in the new trilogy. I can still name the nine lead characters off the top of my head from the original Hobbit films; yet, I can’t remember one of the new dwarves’ names in the new oneand I just saw it two days ago.

The titular hobbit, Bilbo, is played beautifully by British star Martin Freeman (Fargo series). Unfortunately, he takes a back seat for the majority of this finale, as most of the film is spent setting up the five armies as they prepare for their inevitable battle.

Sticks the Landing

Even though we don’t get to spend much time with the best new character in the trilogy, or even those returning from the previous films, the good news is that director Jackson ensures that the movie goes out with a bang. In fact, most of the last hour is devoted to the aforementioned battle, and it ranks among the best scenes these films have to offer.

Exciting, effectively shot, and featuring state of the art CGI, The Battle of the Five Armies more than makes up for any lack of memorable characters.

I must admit that, even though I was never completely taken with these new characters, I did find myself warming up to them toward the end. Not everyone lives to see the end of the battle, and Jackson does a good job of selling their final heroic moments.

Impressive Use of 3D

I’d also like to mention that I saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in 3D. I’m not the biggest fan of 3D. It very rarely adds anything to the film–not to mention that the glasses rarely fit over my own spectacles. Why did I see it in 3D then? Because my local theater didn’t have any other option, of course!

But, you know, I have to say that I was quite impressed. Foregoing the usual sword or arrow flying at the audience’s faces, director Jackson uses the extra dimension to add depth to every scene–resulting in an interactive theatrical experience. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to see this movie in 3D but, if you have no other option, you will at least get your money’s worth.

If You’re a Hobbit Fan, You’ll Love It

I still enjoy The Hobbit series overall, and The Battle of the Five Armies was another welcome visit to Middle Earth. So, if you’re a fan like I am, there’s no reason not to see this in theaters.


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