Movie Review: Minions


Cary, NC — Minions is the spin-off of the largely popular Despicable Me films. Instead of following Gru this time out, we get to know just how these yellow guys came to be servants of the baddest bad guy there is.

A Laugh-Free Experience

Despite a near constant stream of jokes, both visual and verbal, Minions is a mostly laugh-free experience, proving that less is more when it comes to these supporting characters.

I have to admit that I really wasn’t a fan of Despicable Me. I didn’t hate it or think it was a terrible film, it just wasn’t for me. But if there was one thing I liked about that movie it was the minions. I liked that there weren’t subtitles for the characters, as trying to figure out and follow their conversations added a sense of fun that I felt the film greatly needed. So I was at least open to the idea that a movie surrounding these characters could be, at the very least, enjoyable.

The minions themselves are indeed enjoyable! The film focuses on just three as they try to go out into the world to find a villain worthy of following in 1968.

The trio is funny as are the brief glimpses back at the rest of the gang hiding out in a frozen wasteland while they wait to hear from their fellow minions. The problem is that the movie surrounding these characters just isn’t very funny.

Waste of Good Voice Cast

There are plenty of familiar voices peppered throughout, like Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton and Allison Janney, all of whom have proven comedic chops.

But, anytime one of these characters are on screen, particularly Bollocks’ and Hamms’ characters, the result is almost boring. It feels like there just wasn’t enough time spent on developing these human characters. Even in Despicable Me, Gru and his adoptive daughters are well-defined and, more importantly, funny.

Now, I saw the film opening night with an almost sold out crowd. There was a good mix of kids and adults, all of whom seemed excited to see these characters on the big screen again.

For the first 15 minutes or so the crowd had laughed a number of times, but, after that, the laughs started to come less and less frequently, and the kids who were attentive and calm for the most part began to get bored and become fidgety.

Skip It

I only mention this because I admitted upfront that I’m not the biggest fan of this franchise, but even a theater filled with people who are fans couldn’t completely get behind the movie.

Unless your young ones are just absolutely, positively dying to see Minions, I say skip it and see Inside Out instead.

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