Movie Review: Trainwreck


Cary, NC — Trainwreck is the starring debut of comedienne Amy Schumer, star of the wildly funny Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central.

Trainwreck Delivers Laughs & Heart

Directed by Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin), Trainwreck is a much more traditional romantic comedy than you would expect from either the star or the director, who are both known for their vulgar and in-your-face comedy. While there is still plenty of that here, the movie delivers laughs and heart in spades, thanks to a winning cast and smart screenplay.

A Romantic Comedy

As I said, Trainwreck is structured as a pretty standard romantic comedy. Schumer plays Amy, a writer at a New York magazine who is career-centric and relationship-phobic.

But, when she is forced to do a story on an up-and-coming sports doctor, played by Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live, Inside Out), her life is turned upside down when she starts to fall in love and is forced to think about changing her care-free lifestyle.

Great Cast Saves Familiar Plot

A winning formula is a winning formula, and Schumer and Apatow are working well with this particular one, leaning heavily on its comedy-bred cast.

First off, praise the comedy gods that Bill Hader finally has a leading role. Hader was a standout on Saturday Night Live for almost a decade, and, in that time, he managed to pop in most of the successful comedies to come out, though always in small or supporting roles.

Here, though, he is a full-blown romantic lead, and he couldn’t have been better. Smart, funny and incredibly charming, his character is the perfect fit for Schumer’s almost out of control character. He loves her no matter what and wouldn’t want her to change anything for anyone as long as she’s happy, and it’s that thoughtfulness that pushes Schumer to think about her partying ways. It certainly doesn’t hurt that her and Hader have an incredible chemistry together, either.

Athletes Steal the Show

Two standouts in the cast come a little out of left field. First up is WWE superstar John Cena. Now, I don’t follow wrestling, but I’m at least aware of who Cena is. I never would have guessed he was this funny or willing to go as far as it takes for a joke.

That’s exactly what he does, though, and his commitment is hilarious.

The other sports figure to make a big splash is Lebron James. Even if you don’t follow sports whatsoever (like me), you probably know who Lebron James is. He plays himself here, a friend and patient of Hader’s, and he is just hysterical. Not only is his comedic timing fantastic, he just has a natural on screen presence that some actors never get.

Schumer’s Movie All the Way

But, this is Schumer’s movie all the way. If you’re at all familiar with her show or stand up act, you will be delighted to learn that she holds nothing back in her big screen debut. The script, written by Schumer, embraces all the romantic comedy tropes head on but only uses them as jumping off points for her likable characters to shine and grow and feel like real people.

Schumer even impresses with a little dramatic work here as well. The film never gets too serious, but there is one scene at a funeral where she gets to shine with a great, tearful monologue.

Hilarious Comedy Worth Seeing

Trainwreck is a great romantic comedy. Bawdy and R-rated enough for the guys, romantic enough for the girls and funny enough for everybody. Definitely worth the price of admission.


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