Movie Review: Love the Coopers

Love the Coopers

Cary, NC — Love the Coopers is a charming holiday-themed comedy about family and all the ups and downs that come with it. Led by the great Diane Keaton and John Goodman, Coopers has a great cast that all overcome familiar characters and make this movie worth the watch.

Cast Rises Above Standard Plot

The plot itself is fairly standard. The Cooper clan, including Oliva Wilde (House M.D.), Ed Helms (The Hangover) and Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, Les Miserables) are all making their way home to their parents’, played by Goodman and Keaton.

Hilarity, drama and, of course, dysfunction ensue. As I mentioned above, the cast is what makes this movie work, so let’s talk about them.

Keaton & Goodman Are Great

What hasn’t been said about Diane Keaton? She is flat-out amazing. And here, of course, she brings all the humor and humanity you would expect as the Cooper matriarch.

Her chemistry with Goodman in particular is wonderful.

Speaking of Goodman, I don’t think we give him enough love. I would even dare say we take him for granted. He is able to switch from dramatic to comedic with ease. He can play both threatening and lovable at the drop of a hat. Even the Coen Brothers (O Brother Where Art Thou?, Raising Arizona) consider him a lucky charm.

And, just like Keaton, he brings just the right amount of sarcasm and love to Coopers. I flat out love seeing Goodman on screen, and this time was no different.

The Whole Cast

The rest of the cast all mesh together nicely.

Aside from the previously-mentioned players, there’s also Marisa Tomei (The Wrestler) and the wonderful Alan Arkin (Argo). Sometimes it’s hard to stand out in a cast so big and talented, but everyone gets at least a moment to make some kind of impact. If I had to pick a stand-out, though, I’d have to say that Wilde surprised me the most.

Best known as a model, Wilde has slowly but surely proving her talent in comedy and drama the last few years. Her turn in 2013’s vastly underrated Rush, directed by Ron Howard, is a great example. But here she shows great comedic timing.

Here’s hoping she gets more chances like this one.

Love the Coopers

Worthwhile Family Comedy

Overall, Love the Coopers is a funny and easy-to-watch family comedy. In a holiday season jam packed with blockbusters like James Bond, The Hunger Games and the return of Star Wars, it’s sometimes nice to take things down a notch, and Love the Coopers fits that bill nicely.

Definitely worth a look.


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