Good Dinosaur

Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur

Good Dinosaur

Cary, NC — The Good Dinosaur is the latest film from Pixar, who, earlier this summer, released one of the best movies of the year, Inside Out.

The Good Dinosaur

Here, a young dinosaur named Arlo gets separated from his family and has to learn to overcome his fear and find his way back home with some help from his pet human, Spot. If that sounds a lot like another Pixar film to you (Finding Nemo), you wouldn’t be mistaken. While Dinosaur is likeable, it never manages to match the heart and emotion that Pixar is known for.

Not Pixar’s Best

I feel like I’m in a tough spot. I can’t say The Good Dinosaur is a bad movie, because that just isn’t the case. It’s cute, it’s funny and it has a good message about overcoming fear in the face of tragedy. But it really doesn’t live up to the Pixar name.

The worst thing I can say about Dinosaur is that it’s basic and familiar with no memorable characters. The exact opposite of Pixar. It’s especially frustrating when, only months earlier, they delivered one of their very best films with Inside Out. You can’t win them all, I suppose.

Visually Amazing

On the technical side, The Good Dinosaur is stunning.

The landscapes on display look as if someone took a high quality picture and just added dinosaurs. It looks completely real. In a bit of showmanship, the movie has a kind of slideshow of different landscapes that were made for the film, and my mother-in-law was convinced they were actual photos. The highest compliment indeed.

Good Dinosaur

Skip It

As I said, The Good Dinosaur is not a bad film.

But, for Pixar, it is a disappointing one. If your kids absolutely, positively have to see it, you could do a lot worse, but if you can convince them to stay home and watch Inside Out, Toy Story, The Incredibles or any of the great Pixar titles, that would be okay too.


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