Movie Review: Mother’s Day

Cary, NC – In Mother’s Day, the cast is so packed, that the movie never really gives the audience a chance to get to know any of the characters. Still, with everyone as charming as they are, Mother’s Day makes for a breezy time at the movies.

Mother’s Day is the third holiday-themed film from director Gary Marshall (Pretty Woman) after Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve. Like the previous entries, Mother’s Day is absolutely stacked to the gills with stars. Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis (SNL, Horrible Bosses), Timothy Olyphant (Justified) and Marshall favorite Hector Elizondo.

Great Cast Saves Usual Romantic Comedy

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to watch a movie like this, it’s mainly because of the cast. The plot is barely there and is really more of an excuse just to get these actors in the same scene. Thankfully, they’re all easy and pleasing to watch. Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston lead the huge ensemble and both are great. But I must say it was especially nice to see Kate Hudson on screen again. I feel like we haven’t seen much of her lately. Just as funny and booming with life as her mom Goldie, Hudson has a likability rarely seen in today’s stars.

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Olyphant And Sudeikis Steal The Show

I also have to throw some love to Timothy Olyphant. His part isn’t the biggest here, but I’ve been a fan ever since he played the bad guy in Scream 2. Most famous for his leading roles in Deadwood and Justified, Olyphant has popped up in dramas, comedies, action/sci-fi movies and everything in-between and always fits like a glove. He’s a legit great character actor who never quite blew up in the way many expected him to. No matter though; when he shows up, he gives 110 percent every time and Mother’s Day is no exception.

I must admit I’m partial to Jason Sudeikis as well. This is the fourth time he has co-starred with Aniston and it’s easy to see why they keep working with each other. He has a great ability to go from goofy to charming at the drop of a hat which makes him ideal for a romantic lead.

Good Choice For Mother’s Day!

Overall, Mother’s Day is a charming romantic comedy. Not the most original, but with a cast as strong as this, who cares? Go ahead, treat mom to a movie this weekend!

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