Movie Review: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Cary, NC – Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is a hilarious mockumentary about the ridiculousness of celebrity and the music industry starring Andy Samberg, of Saturday Night Live and Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame.

Hilarious Satire

Satire is a hard genre to do. If you’re too specific about the subject you’re satirizing, you could go over a lot of your audience’s head. If you’re too broad, you might be blamed for going after too easy a target.

However, the group known as The Lonely Island, led by Samberg and his longtime collaborators Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, have seemingly found that perfect balance. The film is stacked with jokes upon jokes both big and small. Like any comedy, not everything lands, but Popstar doesn’t waste time and quickly moves on to the next hilarious gag.

Samberg and crew honed their craft over 100 episodes at Saturday Night Live, creating short films week after week, usually incorporating music of some kind, and that talent is on full display here. In fact, Popstar has so many new songs in it, all hilarious and specific in their own way that it’s almost overwhelming. Also, it should be noted how hard it is to write a good “bad” song, and for this crew to have nailed multiple for one film is a true accomplishment.

Great Celebrity Cameos

Aside from Samberg, the film is filled with recognizable faces from comedy and music alike. From comedians such as Sarah Silverman and Maya Rudolph, to music icons such as Pink and Seal, the film manages to make all these cameos flow and feel natural rather than distracting. It helps too that most of the performances are quite funny, such as Justin Timberlake who has a small but very memorable part as Samberg’s chef.

Popstar is a very silly movie with extremely broad characters, but it’s smart enough to make those characters likable. The main plot of the film is a falling out between musical group The Style Boyz, played by Samberg, Taccone and Schaffer. Their real life friendship is key here as it translates very easily to film and helps this very ridiculous premise come down to Earth just enough.

Comedy Of The Summer

Overall, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is a quick, hilarious satire that even non-music fans can appreciate. A great summer comedy definitely worth seeing.


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