Movie Review: Finding Dory

Cary, NC – Finding Dory is another winner from Pixar, filled with enough humor and heart to stand toe to toe with its classic predecessor, Finding Nemo.

The film opens with a flashback of young Dory and her parents, voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy, as they try to teach their daughter how to better remember things. Eventually, Dory gets separated from her family and the film quickly rehashes the events of Finding Nemo, leading to a moment where Dory suddenly remembers a clue about her family’s whereabouts and swims away to be with them again, leaving Nemo and his father Marlin to search for her.

Dory Makes An Excellent Lead Character

Dory was an excellent supporting character in Finding Nemo and she proves to be an even more appealing and complex lead character here. Ellen DeGeneres once again provides the voice and this time around is given ample opportunity to shine. Dory is just as kind and funny as you remember, but there is a bittersweet quality to the character and DeGeneres walks a fine line between the character’s innocence and sadness.


Emotional In All The Right Ways

Dory, like Up and Inside Out before it, have multiple moments of such great and powerful emotion that it’s all but guaranteed tears will be shed here. The great thing about Pixar is that it’s never too intense for young children. The emotion is honest and simple to understand in a way that won’t upset them.

Old And New Characters Add Great Humor

Of course, the film is hilarious as well. Multiple new characters are introduced, such as Fluke and Rudder, voiced by Idris Elba and Dominic West, two actors who famously played enemies on HBO’s The Wire, cast here as two seals who are inseparable. The two actors’ chemistry is hilarious and provide a great deal of the films comic relief.

The best new addition belongs to Hank, a septopus voiced with cranky perfection by Ed O’Neill (Modern Family). Hank is also hilarious, but like Dory, there is a sadness there and O’Neill is able to go from grump to friend at the flip of a coin.

Best Family Film Of The Summer

Now the big question: is Finding Dory as good as Finding Nemo? Not quite, but Dory is still a wonderful film filled with memorable characters and stunning animation by the masters at Pixar. See Finding Dory in theaters and enjoy the best family film of the summer.


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