Movie Review: Jason Bourne

Cary, NC – Jason Bourne finds director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon returning to the franchise they left nine years ago with The Bourne Ultimatum. Though not as good as previous entries, Jason Bourne is fueled with tense action and a rapid fire pace, proving to be well worth the return.

A Character Worth Revisiting

Greengrass and Damon always stated they would need a pretty darn good reason to return to this character and fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the world of surveillance and the potential overreach of the government showed that the character of Jason Bourne was still relevant. Add in a subplot about Jason’s father and the film is off and running.

Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors, period. Even in films that don’t quite work, he always has something interesting going on and he always seems to have great taste. The character of Jason Bourne is most certainly one of his most memorable characters and he slips back into the role with great ease. Simmering with intensity, he also shows he is still more than capable of handling himself with action, especially with the brutal hand-to-hand combat scenes these movies are known for. It’s great seeing him give it all he’s got after all these years.

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Incredible Action

Director Greengrass is largely responsible for creating the documentary-like aesthetic these films are known for. I know for some people it can be headache-inducing, but it adds a sense of urgency and reality. Even with so much camera movement, Greengrass makes sure the action is still clear and easy to follow – something a lot of action films tend to forget about. The film’s final car chase is a doozy and if these guys end up making a few more of these, I at least know the action alone will be worth it.

A Slight Sense Of ‘Been There, Done That’

Jason Bourne’s only real problem is a sense of familiarity. The original trilogy had a very organic arc, with Bourne looking for clues and unlocking his past over the three movies. This entry certainly doesn’t feel unnecessary, or even unwanted, but it does have a hard time matching the feeling of discovery of those first three films.

Still A Great Action Franchise

Having said that though, Jason Bourne still manages to excite and entertain, thanks largely to Damon’s committed performance and Greengrass’ expert direction. Definitely worth revisiting this character!

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