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Money Matters: Have a 401(k) Plan at a Former Employer?

Do you have a 401(k) plan at a former employer? Here are some options for getting the most out of multiple retirement accounts.

 You may have had multiple jobs over your career, and left behind retirement account balances of critical building blocks for your retirement. Here is a short guide to your options of what to do with a retirement account left with a former employer.

Money Matters: Annuity Options: Choices Abound for Today’s Retiree

As the earliest baby boomers begin to enter retirement, the various income guarantees and other living benefits offered through variable annuities (VAs) are gaining in importance.

Yet before you rush to add a VA to your retirement funding scheme, take some time to understand what VAs have to offer in a general sense and to sort through the host of optional features and their associated fees and investment risks.

Money Matters: Divorce and Your Finances

Keeping an eye on your financial health during a divorce is essential. Even the most amicable divorce can have a significant impact on your finances. Knowing the laws that govern the division of assets during a divorce is an important first step in protecting your financial health throughout this difficult period. This article outlines some important topics to consider on how divorce may affect your finances.