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Recipe: Lobster Fest’s Bishop’s Lobster Bisque

Many religious organizations love to do good works with heartful intentions, dedicated labor and a common vision.  One Cary church has led the way in doing good works by combining the elbow grease and love of lobsters. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Cary is holding its 11th annual “Lobster Fest” on Saturday, October 7, 2017.

The Hidden Beauty of Hinshaw Greenway

Cary, NC – On April 23rd, I joined members of the Cary Greenways Committee for a survey of Hinshaw Greenway. At 1.7 miles in length, Hinshaw is one of Cary’s longest trails, and it includes connections to two parks, an artistically-enhanced footbridge over US-1/64 and a beautiful tree-lined landscape that is part of the Swift […]

White Oak Trail: Cary’s Best-Kept Secret

This part of White Oak Creek is the central section of the complete White Oak Trail and is 1.85 miles in length. It is an older trail in the Cary system, but it has some of the most attractive scenery among Cary’s 82 miles of completed greenways, particularly along a creek-side corridor between Castle Hayne Drive and Parkscene Drive.