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Common Injuries On the Job and How to Avoid Them

When we hear about work-related injuries, many of us may assume that injuries can only happen at a high-risk occupation, such as construction work or manufacturing, but in reality, an injury on the job can happen to anyone, of any profession. Although everyone is at risk for being injured at work, here are some of the most common workplace injuries, how to handle them, and how to avoid them.

Making North Carolina Streets Safer for Motorcyclists

For many native and long time North Carolinians, it may be no surprise that nearly half of the state’s population owns a motorcycle. While an increase of motorcycle tourism can boost the local economy, it also results in greater risks on the road. Although motorcyclists hold a great deal of responsibility in their own safety, there are ways that North Carolinians can help to make the streets safer for motorcyclists.

The Ultimate Recycling Guide

There are still numerous people who struggle with the decision of what to recycle or how to go about it. Others cannot decide what to do with items that have no proper disposal guidelines. The upside is that such people still want to contribute to creating a safe environment in the little way they know. If you are among such people, here is a quick recycling guide to boost your efforts.