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Gardening: Spotting Garden Diseases

It is fall in North Carolina and time for planting! So be careful with your new plants that they don’t have or inherit any diseases. Plant diseases are very common and a normal part of gardening. With some effort you can minimize and control most issues.

Garden: Planting Spring Vegetables

Isn’t this time of year exciting!? Our weather here in Cary is amazing, and the stores are already gearing up with all kinds of vegetable and herb plants for the garden. It is time to start planning your vegetable garden, but please remember that the safest time for planting in our area is after the last frost date, which is usually April 15.

15 Holiday Gifts for the Gardener

So, you want to give your really great gardener friend a gift? It’s easy if you are a gardener yourself, because you think alike! If you don’t consider yourself as having much of a green thumb, though, no problem. Here are some great ideas for you and ones I think most any gardener would like.

Garden: Yard Art

August in Cary is still pretty hot to be doing much in your garden – so why not consider adding some punch with garden art? There are so many ways of doing this, and there are no rules. It’s all about what you like and what makes you smile.