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Swap Spot for Safe Sales Secured

Cary, NC – In the age of Craigslist and social media, anyone can be a buyer or a seller over the internet without needing a mediary. To make sure these kinds of transactions are handled safely by all parties, the Town of Cary has created a new location for strangers to trade.

Government: Cary Town Council Meeting, 5/12/16

Cary, NC – The latest Cary Town Council meeting (May 12, 2016) brought the recommended operating budget for 2017 to the council members’ desks, saw disagreement over a proposed storage site on SW Maynard Road and recognized some of the town’s staff members who work behind the scenes.

Specialty Stores: Cary African Market

Story originally appeared on FoodCary. Cary, NC – Africa is home to more than 50 countries and has a growing population of more than 1.1 billion. With so many people and cultures, there is sure to be a lot of food, and you can find an amazing sampling at Cary African Market.