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Cary Cooking Class Caters to Casual Chefs

Everyone likes food that tastes good but learning how to make delicious meals can be tough if you aren’t looking to go into professional culinary school. But one Cary business has cooking classes specifically for “home chefs” to learn how to make food in a friendly environment.

Specialty Stores: Around the World Market

For creative and adventurous chefs, incorporating ingredients and making dishes from different cultures is always fun and exciting but it also means having to go to many stores. But at Around the World Market, there are many countries and cultures represented, all in one location.

Walking Tours at Hillcrest Cemetery

Going around Cary, you can see there are many buildings and roads named after significant figures. Many of these Caryites are buried at the Hillcrest Cemetery and the Friends of Page-Walker Hotel have the cemetery set up so anyone can go on a self-guided tour and learn about Cary history and the people who created the town as we know it now.