Entries by Michael Papich

Walking Tours at Hillcrest Cemetery

Going around Cary, you can see there are many buildings and roads named after significant figures. Many of these Caryites are buried at the Hillcrest Cemetery and the Friends of Page-Walker Hotel have the cemetery set up so anyone can go on a self-guided tour and learn about Cary history and the people who created the town as we know it now.

Area Swimmer Competed in Olympic Trials

With the record for most Gold Medals at a single Olympics Games going to a swimmer, swimming gets a lot of attention every four years at the Summer Games. And this year, one local athlete who trained at the Cary YMCA made it to the Olympic trials to show the world what she’s got.

Cary Chef Wins Finals of Cooking Competition

When Cary chef Ryan Summers and his team entered the Got To Be NC Competition Dining Series, they had no expectations going in. Cut to a few weeks later and he has beaten all his opponents in the three rounds, making him one of the Raleigh regional champions as he moves onto the Battle of Champions.