Entries by Zach Hayes

Cary Parks #8: Urban Park

Nestled on a thin strip of land on the eastern edge of downtown Cary, Urban Park provides visitors a sample of what makes Cary parks great. This aptly named park has lush landscaping, shaded seating, and enough playground equipment to keep both younger and older kids busy.

Cary Parks #7: Heater Park

It is easy to mistake Heater Park as an undeveloped lot of land in a quiet, downtown neighborhood. The long tract of lush landscape consumes but a mere 1.5 acres, yet has much to offer for town citizens.

Cary Parks #4: Walnut Street

As one of the busiest streets in Wake County, Walnut Street is usually associated with traffic, stop lights, and shopping centers. However, in 2002, the Town of Cary decided to change that perception and purchased 11 acres of undeveloped land at the intersection of Lawrence Road and Walnut Street. The result is one of the most interesting and beautifully designed parks in Cary – Walnut Street Park.

Cary Parks #3: Rose Street Park

Part 3 in our Cary Parks series. Cary, NC — Earning the distinction of Cary’s smallest park, it is easy to drive past Rose Street Park and not realize what you are missing. Situated at the end of Rose Street in the Burtrose neighborhood, the unassuming ⅔ acre park could seemingly fit inside the K-mart […]

Cary Parks #2: Thomas Brooks Park

Part 2 in our Cary Parks series. Cary, NC — At Thomas Brooks Park in Cary, world-class baseball players sharpen their skills next to kids climbing on the monkey bars and families picnicking beneath a shelter. With perfectly manicured grass and top notch facilities, it’s a municipal park like few others in the world.

Cary Parks #1: MacDonald Woods Park

We have a great park system here in Cary. It contributes to our quality of life and helps attract growth to our community. Today, we debut a new series – one story for each park in Cary. You’ll find a basic description of the park as well as the high points as observed by our writer (and photographer for this series), Zach Hayes.