Movie Review: The Nice Guys

Cary, NC – The Nice Guys, written and directed by Shane Black, is a hilarious buddy comedy with Russell Crowe and a knockout comedic performance by Ryan Gosling. Read more

Fest in the West

Fest in the West: New Event in Western Cary This Saturday

Update: Due to weather, Fest in the West will now be on Sunday, May 22, 2016 from noon to 6 PM at Parkside Town Commons. Same time and location, different date.

Cary, NC – This Saturday, Cary’s west side will have its first-ever large scale festival. It’s called Fest in the West and CaryCitizen is producing it.

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Cary Gets First Peek at Local Horror Movie

Cary, NC – Local lovers of horror movies will have the chance to give their feedback on a never-before-seen film shot entirely in North Carolina. Read more


Movie Review: Money Monster

Cary, NC – Director Jodie Foster attempts to tackle a timely issue and while she isn’t 100 percent successful, the film uses its movie stars well and proves that mid-budget, R-rated films aimed at adult audiences can still make it in a sea of blockbuster superhero movies. Read more

downtown cary farmers market-1041

Pictures: Downtown Cary Farmers Market

Cary, NC – Saturday was warm and sunny and the fruits and vegetables at the Downtown Cary Farmers Market looked, well, good enough to eat. Read more


Tom Teachout’s Summer Rock Camp

Cary, NC – Rock and roll has gone from being just another style of music to the lifeblood of American culture. And this summer, one local music teacher is giving kids the opportunity to tap into that power. Read more


Open Mic Nights Spreading Across Cary

Cary, NC – The idea of an “open mic night” is a common one in popular culture. But until a few years ago, Cary barely had any. Now, from music to comedy, there can be multiple options every night to see professionals and amateurs show off their craft in clubs and bars around town. Read more


Pictures: Opening Week of Hob Nob Jazz

Cary, NC – The Hob Nob Jazz Series returned to Booth Amphitheatre last Wednesday for a four-week run. The weather was perfect for the enthusiastic crowd that gathered to hear the funk and soul infused sound of Marcus Anderson. Read more


Local Dancer Gets Trainee Offer at Famous Ballet Company

Cary, NC – The Triangle area has long had a reputation for the arts and ones of its residents has been selected by one of the most famous ballerinas in the world to be a trainee at the Washington BalletRead more