Movie Reviews: Snowden and Blair Witch


Cary, NC – Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone (JFK, Platoon) directs star Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this biopic of Edward Snowden. Despite being familiar territory for Stone, Snowden has a hard time rising above being an average government thriller and being something much more of the moment and urgency that it desperately wants to be, despite another solid showing from Levitt. Read more


Cary Filmmaker Showing Movie in NC Film Festival

Cary, NC – North Carolina and the Triangle area are filled with artistic minds, with many filmmakers among them. These local filmmakers will be celebrated in an upcoming free festival, including one Cary director who will be showing his feature length movie. Read more


Movie Reviews: Sully and Hell Or High Water


Cary, NC – Director Clint Eastwood guides Tom Hanks in the true story Sully, about the acclaimed pilot Sully Sullenberger who pulled off “The Miracle on the Hudson,” saving over 150 passengers and crew in the process. Eastwood deftly pulls off this engrossing drama with huge help from Hanks, who delivers yet another fantastic performance. Read more


Coming Films to the Cary Theater – September

Cary, NC – It’s back to school time so if you need a break from schoolwork, want to celebrate the return to classes or just like seeing good movies, here are some of the films you can see at the Cary Theater this month. Read more


Movie Review: Ben-Hur

Cary, NC – Ben-Hur is a remake of the Oscar winning 1959 Charlton Heston classic, which was also a remake, interestingly enough. This iteration, starring Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire) and Morgan Freeman, fails to live up to its predecessors, making for a bland and forgettable filmgoing experience. Read more


Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon

Cary, NC – Disney continues the recent trend of remakes of their beloved classics with Pete’s Dragon, and like The Jungle Book and Cinderella, this particular version proves to be a successful and surprisingly emotional update of the 70s original. Read more

SuicideSquad Featured

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Cary, NC – Taking place in the same cinematic universe as this year’s Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad takes the biggest and baddest villains of those two heroes and puts them together for the first time on screen. The movie itself is a bit messy, but overall these eclectic characters and the actors playing them deliver a good time at the theater. Read more

CaryCitizen JasonBourne

Movie Review: Jason Bourne

Cary, NC – Jason Bourne finds director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon returning to the franchise they left nine years ago with The Bourne Ultimatum. Though not as good as previous entries, Jason Bourne is fueled with tense action and a rapid fire pace, proving to be well worth the return. Read more

photo of the lit up Cary Theater, courtesy Town of Cary

Coming Films to the Cary Theater – August

Cary, NC – With the Summer movie season almost over, it’s the perfect time to get as much in as you can. The Cary Theater has lots of movies this August for you to watch and enjoy. Read more

StarTrekBeyond Featured

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

Cary, NC – Star Trek Beyond is the third installment in this rebooted version of the classic television series, and thanks to wonderful cast interaction and a focused story, Beyond proves to be a treat for old and new fans alike. Read more