Photos: The Princess Talks

Cary, NC – This weekend was The Princess Talks at the Cary Arts Center. This play, a production of the Triangle Comedy Actors Studio and the Town of Cary, took famous pop culture princess and reimagined them for a modern audience. Read more

Cary Student Wins International Photography Contest

Cary, NC – Everyone knows nature is beautiful but it takes special skill to capture that beauty and preserve it for others. That’s exactly what Cary resident Julia Gong did with her winning photograph in the 2016 Jamestown Audubon Nature Photography Contest. Read more

Photos: Chatham Street Chowdown

Cary, NC – It wasn’t that long ago that Town of Cary put on its first Chatham Street Chowdown. This past Sunday saw a return of the popular event with big crowds, lots of food trucks and a smoking band. Read more

Photos: Downtown Cary on a Friday Night (2016)

Cary, NC – Despite the Academy Street construction nearing its climax, Downtown Cary has continued to thrive on Friday nights, developing what might be called an underground hipster scene. Read more

Pictures: Downtown Cary Farmers Market

Cary, NC – Saturday was warm and sunny and the fruits and vegetables at the Downtown Cary Farmers Market looked, well, good enough to eat. Read more

Pictures: Opening Week of Hob Nob Jazz

Cary, NC – The Hob Nob Jazz Series returned to Booth Amphitheatre last Wednesday for a four-week run. The weather was perfect for the enthusiastic crowd that gathered to hear the funk and soul infused sound of Marcus Anderson. Read more

Bond Brothers Grand Opening

Cary, NC – The weather was iffy and the parking was dicey, but that didn’t keep the crowds from turning out for the Bond Brothers Brewery grand opening and food truck rodeo.  Read more

Photos: Kite Festival at Bond Park

Cary, NC — The weather was perfect for Cary’s annual Kite Festival at Bond Park on Saturday, March 5, 2016, so Cary photographer Dave Gill stopped by to take some pictures of all the colorful action for us. Read more

Photos: Cary Christmas Parade 2015

cary-christmas parade-2015-2

Cary, NC — The weather was perfect on Saturday, December 12, 2015,  for the Cary Jaycees Christmas Parade. We got a few pictures in case you missed the fun.

Read more