Gas Prices

Cary Avoids Summer Gas Price Spike

Cary, NC – July often sees some of the highest gasoline prices of the year but this driving season looks to have passed the local area by as prices have dropped since June in Cary and across the state. Read more

Cary Railroad Crossing Closing Next Month

Cary, NC – Starting July 2018, a major railroad crossing in West Cary will close, with detours available in the meantime and plans to realign the roads and put driver under the railroad in the future. Read more

Major Road Improvements Set for Morrisville

Morrisville, NC – With its proximity to I-40, the airport and Research Triangle Park, traffic in Morrisville can be thick, which puts a constraint on everyone surrounding the town. But state and federal funds are coming to the area to improve both highways and local roads, with major changes coming over the next 10 years. Read more

Gas Prices

Local Prices Drop as Summer Gasoline Demand Slows

Cary, NC – While gasoline prices are higher than they were in previous Summers – almost 60 cents more than 2017 – prices in the region have begun to drop as demand is dropping leading into July instead of growing. Read more

Gas Prices

As Gas Prices Hit Four-Year Record, What’s the Cause?

Cary, NC – This past April, average gasoline prices in and around Cary were about $2.65 per gallon. At the same time, gasoline prices nationwide hit their highest average since 2014. Read more

Gas Prices

Triangle Average Gas Prices Higher Than State, Major Metros

Cary, NC – The Summer always brings a spike in gasoline prices but this year prices are particularly high, with national prices hitting a multi-year high and the Raleigh-Cary area standing out in North Carolina. Read more

Downtown Cary Roads to Close Until September

Cary, NC – In order to replace water mains in Downtown Cary, two roads will be closed starting this week until early September. Read more

The Next 10 Years of Highway Improvements

Cary, NC – As Wake County works on expanding public transportation, the other side of traffic mitigation is road infrastructure. At a recent meeting, an NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) engineer laid out the coming highway improvements that are currently funded. Read more

Cary Road Closures Start Next Week, Stretching into June

Cary, NC – To complete Cary’s 2018 water main replacements, four roads in central Cary will be closed starting next Monday until the end of June. Read more