Upchurch Farm

The Upchurch Farm: Stories from 3 Generations

Upchurch Farm

Three generations. From left: William, Billy, and Will Upchurch.

Cary, NC — Right off of High House and Davis, just minutes away from shopping centers and housing developments, is a lot of land with a big story. There, I got to meet the Upchurch family–the folks behind the incredible history of the farm on Carpenter Upchurch Road in Cary. Read more

Tour D'Coop

10th Tour D’Coop Takes Flight This Weekend

Tour D'Coop

Cary, NC- Over the past few years there has been a lot of talk about chickens in Cary. Michael and Alissa Manfre spearheaded the campaign to legalize chicken coops in Cary and were some of the first in Town to build a coop and raise chickens on their property.

They open their coop, along with 25 others in Wake County, as part of the 10th Annual Tour D’Coop (www.tourdcoop.com) this Saturday,  May 17, 2014. Read more


Farmers Markets Open in Cary this Weekend


Cary, NC- We are fortunate in Cary to live where we can easily shop for healthful food selections. We have organic grocers, international grocers and giant grocers. We also have 3 (count ’em) farmers markets. Two of them open this weekend, with the third opening later this month. Read more

share of the harvest

Eat Well with a Share of the Harvest

share of the harvest

Cary, NC – Want to eat locally? Want to eat well? You may be able to own a share of the harvest from your favorite local farm with a program called CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture. Read more


Gleaning: Helping with the Harvest to Feed the Hungry


Cary, NC — For this month’s post, First United Methodist Church in Cary sent in a story about “gleaning” – harvesting food left in the fields by farmers. Read more

gracious harvest

Gracious Harvest Grows Food in Downtown Cary

gracious harvestCary, NC — If you’re not careful, you’ll miss it – the Gracious Harvest Community Garden across the Waldo Street parking lot from the First United Methodist Church in Downtown Cary. First started in November of 2009, the Garden is now well-established and producing a bounty of food for the community. Read more

backyard chickens

Reflections on Backyard Chickens

backyard chickensCary, NC — Backyard chickens crossed the road to legality about a year ago in Cary after years of discussion and debate among citizens and Town Council members. Pro and anti-chicken “special interests”—as Mayor Weinbrecht called them—ruffled quite a few feathers as they lobbied for and against Cary residents’ right to keep hens for eggs and companionship. Read more


Meet The Farmers: 3 Cary Stories

farmers-caryCary, NC – Good news for local agriculture: farmers who do business in Cary are on the rise. Here are three of their stories: a cheese maker, a grower of fresh produce and a farmer of lambs and turkeys. Read more

NC Senate Bill 515 – Threat to Jordan Lake


Story and photo by Lindsey Chester.

Cary, NC – Wake Up!Wake hosted a panel discussion at Doherty’s Irish Pub in Cary last week to address resident concerns about NC Senate bill 515, repealing water quality treatment regulations for Jordan Lake. Read more

Gardening: Go Native


Photo by Katja Schulz.

Cary, NC – As a transplant from New Jersey (relocated Yankee, anyone?), it has taken me a while (15 years and counting) to learn about the best plants for my Zone 7 yard. I’ve learned the hard way not to fight Mother Nature, but instead to embrace plants native to North Carolina. Read more