Athens Drive Breaks Marching Band Record for Most Wins

Cary, NC – At high school football games, sometimes the two marching bands can be more competitive than the teams on the field. And Athens Drive Magnet High School has shown it can be very competitive, with its marching band setting a record for most wins in one season. Read more


Cary Academy Celebrates 20 Years

Cary, NC – With 20 years of history now to its name, Cary Academy is looking back on its time in the community while also planning for the future with their vision for education.

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Cary Opens School to Teach Coding

Cary, NC – As technology becomes a greater part of our lives, more people are learning coding and at younger ages. A new school is opening in Cary to teach coding, programming and other technology courses to prepare students for the future. Read more


Local Schools Participate in Walk to School Day

Cary, NC – Several local elementary schools participated in the yearly Walk to School event to build cohesiveness and promote physical activity. Read more


Education: Bill Fletcher October Newsletter

Wake County, NC – Thoughts for September 2016 from Bill Fletcher, Member of the Wake County Board of Education. Read more


Area Schools Donate More than 14,000 Books

Cary, NC – One of the most important things we learn as children is how to read. But with limited access to books, not all kids get that opportunity. But the Goddard Schools in the Raleigh area, including Cary’s, worked to gather thousands of books to give to children without access. Read more


Children with Autism, ADHD Have New Athletic Outlet

Cary, NC – Sports are a common way for children to learn to interact and exercise but for kids with autism and ADHD, it can be difficult to find an accommodating team. That’s why Oak City Soccer started up in the Cary-Raleigh area to give these children a way to play. Read more


Green Hope’s Fall Festival Brings Teams and Club Together

Cary, NC – Green Hope High School is one of the top schools when it comes to athletics and arts but not all students get to interact with one another and learn about the others’ skills. With the school’s first annual Fall Festival, different student groups will show their hard work and see what one another can do. Read more


Transit and Education Top Issues at “State of Morrisville” Meeting

Morrisville, NC – As Morrisville and Wake County grow, new successes produce their own problems and the yearly “State of Morrisville” meeting addressed both sides of the town’s growth, focusing on how a booming population means a greater need for schools and public transportation.

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Local Sorority Chapter Holding Scholarship Fundraiser

Cary, NC – To raise money for scholarships for local students, the Western Wake chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is holding a fundraiser where people can auction on rare sports jerseys and see an exclusive fashion show by a Raleigh designer. Read more