Diversity Summit Tackles Race, Religion and Politics

Cary, NC – Dreamfest in Cary is a culmination of different parts of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. There’s a Day of Service, an event for children to learn about the civil rights leader and a poetry festival for self-expression. But one of the central event is the Diversity Summit, which brought leaders and thinkers from around Wake County and the country to talk about race and racism in today’s society. Read more

Cary Preschool Raises More than 100 Pounds of Food

Cary, NC – School is often about more than teaching math, science and how to read. It can impart skills and lessons. And one local school taught its students through a food drive that raised more than 100 pounds for Triangle hunger relief. Read more

Education: Bill Fletcher January 2017 Newsletter

Cary, NC – Thoughts for December 2016 from Bill Fletcher, Member of the Wake County Board of Education.

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Three Cary Students Win Artists Awards

Cary, NC – Standing out for exceptional work in the arts is difficult but three Cary residents now at North Carolina State University were honored by the school’s Arts Department for doing just that. Even more impressive, all three students won while working on other majors. Read more

Green Hope High School Honored as Top Men’s Soccer Team

Cary, NC – Green Hope High School has had a strong semester so far, with multiple state, conference and regional victories in a variety of sports. But the athletics department’s top honor came with their ranking as the top men’s soccer team in the nation. Read more

Education: Bill Fletcher December Newsletter

Wake County, NC – Thoughts for December 2016 from Bill Fletcher, Member of the Wake County Board of Education. Read more

Athens Drive Breaks Marching Band Record for Most Wins

Cary, NC – At high school football games, sometimes the two marching bands can be more competitive than the teams on the field. And Athens Drive Magnet High School has shown it can be very competitive, with its marching band setting a record for most wins in one season. Read more

Cary Academy Celebrates 20 Years

Cary, NC – With 20 years of history now to its name, Cary Academy is looking back on its time in the community while also planning for the future with their vision for education.

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Cary Opens School to Teach Coding

Cary, NC – As technology becomes a greater part of our lives, more people are learning coding and at younger ages. A new school is opening in Cary to teach coding, programming and other technology courses to prepare students for the future. Read more

Local Schools Participate in Walk to School Day

Cary, NC – Several local elementary schools participated in the yearly Walk to School event to build cohesiveness and promote physical activity. Read more