Events: Spring Into Spring Daze 2012!

Story by Lindsey Chester. Photos by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC- Environmental Art gets life size at Cary’s 19th annual Spring Daze Festival in Bond Park Sat. April 28th from 9 am-5 pm. Environmental sculptor Michael Roy Layne is putting the finishing touches on his “Stoneleaf and Fairy Circle” installation down at the boat house which debuts at the opening of the festival with a lakeside procession. Read more

Business: Getting Creative with Recyclables


Cary, NC- Betsy Dessau’s passion for recycling and re-use began during the first Earth Day when she was in college collecting IBM punch cards. This March 31, Betsy will celebrate the opening of her new venture  the Cary Creative Center that aims to literally turn trash to treasures. Read more

The Beaver Dam in Bond Park

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by a CaryCitizen reader.

Cary, NC – A reader sent in the picture up above with the following note, “I saw this truck in Bond Park this morning and wondered what he was doing.  The side of the truck said Beaver Control.” Read more

Wildlife in Cary: Cedar Waxwings, Party Animals

Story by Matt Young. Photos by Karen Thor.

Cary, NC – For years, my neighbor, Karen Thor, and I used to laugh at these beautiful, funny-acting birds that showed up annually in our yards. We each have a bunch of bird baths, feeders and houses on our properties. Read more

Yellow + Blue = Wine a New Way

Cary, NC- The market for green products, those that waste less and leave a small carbon footprint, is one of the fastest  growing market segments. Sip…A Wine Store sells organic and sustainably produced wines and recently had Y + B Wines in for a tasting. Y+B’s sustainability pitch? No bottle. Read more

Technology Video: A Swarm of Nano-Copters

Cary, NC – This video, from the University of Pennsylvania, shows a swarm of Nano-Copters, little self-controlled flying machines, performing acrobatic tricks in the air.


Nano-Copters, also called Nano Quadrotors, are little flying robots, about the side of your hand.  Much of their functionality is self-controlled, like take-off and landing and collision avoidance. They can also be programmed to do swoops and turns and fly in complex formations.

This video (also on YouTube) from the University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Lab (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception), shows the amazing capabilities of nano copters to fly in swarm like formations.

Science Technology Engineering and Math Series

The Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) series on CaryCitizen is sponsored by Citizen Websites.

Solar Energy Generates Cash for Dorcas Ministries

Story from staff reports. Photo by Michael Mazengarb.

Cary, NC – Dorcas Ministries in Cary is all set to get free energy, and cash, from some unused rooftop space. Welcome to the green economy. Read more

7 Ways to Go Green in Cary with Spruce

Story by Lindsey Chester. Photo by Buksy.

Cary, NC – Did you know the Town of Cary pays an average of $32 per ton in disposal fees to send trash to the landfill, and currently gets paid $18 per ton for all the items we recycle?  Cary recycles more than any other municipality in all of North Carolina. Each year more Cary trash gets recycled -it just makes sound fiscal sense.

Tune up your green lifestyle with 7 Spruce events this Spring. Read more

Hemlock Bluffs: Prescribed Burn on Monday

Story from staff reports. Photo of prescribed burn in Virginia by U.S. Army Environmental Command.

Cary, NC – Don’t be frightened if you see smoke rising from Hemlock Bluffs on Monday, January 30, 2012. It’s a “prescribed burn,” a forestry process to prevent larger forest fires. Read more

Wildlife: Jordan Lake Eagle Cam is Back

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Ken Schneider.

Cary, NC – Last year at about this time, editor Matt Young did a story about Eagle Cam, a citizen science project at Jordan Lake. The big birds are back, and you can watch online again this year as they sit in the nest and prepare to hatch their young. Read more