Gardening: Spring Favorites to Plant Now

Cary, NC — The grass is growing and the lawnmowers are humming like a swarm of angry bees in Cary. That’s the sign that it’s time to plant a few Spring favorites in pots or the garden. Read more

Fairy Gardens: How to Build a Tiny World

Morrisville, NC — What’s a fairy garden, and how do you make one? I’ll show you. Read more


Garden: Planting Spring Vegetables

Cary, NC — Isn’t this time of year exciting!? Our weather here in Cary is amazing, and the stores are already gearing up with all kinds of vegetable and herb plants for the garden. It is time to start planning your vegetable garden, but please remember that the safest time for planting in our area is after the last frost date, which is usually April 15
Read more

Garden: 5 Easy Indoor Plants for Winter

Cary, NC — Here we are, right in the middle of winter and the coldest part of the year. Gardening may be the last thing on many of our minds, but, if you still need some green, positive energy to keep your house lively, houseplants are the way to go. Read more

Bird Feeder

Bird Feeding 101: Getting Started

Cary, NC — How can we attract birds to our homes this winter? This is easily accomplished and fairly inexpensive to do, but there are still some matters to consider when bird feeding. Read more

Garden: Caring for Indoor Succulents

Cary, NC — Several weeks ago, when I felt the first real chill of the season, I brought my beloved succulent plants indoors to keep them warm and well for winter. I didn’t just do it for them, though.  Read more


Garden: The Orchid Trail in Morrisville


Morrisville, NC — I was excited to stumble across The Orchid Trail, a collection of greenhouses filled with thousands of orchids of all sizes and varieties, off of Church Street in Morrisville. Read more

15 Holiday Gifts for the Gardener


Cary, NC — So, you want to give your really great gardener friend a gift?

It’s easy if you are a gardener yourself, because you think alike! If you don’t consider yourself as having much of a green thumb, though, no problem. Here are some great ideas for you and ones I think most any gardener would like. Read more


Garden: Planting Bulbs for Next Spring


Cary, NC — It’s almost time to start planting spring and summer blooming bulbs. I love planting bulbs because they’re colorful, they’re fragrant and they pop-up with no work required. Read more

Garden: Fall Care for Perennial Plants

Cary, NC — Trees, shrubs, ground covers and many vines are perennials – but so are plants that bloom every year, herbaceous perennials. In warmer areas like the Triangle, some annuals will act as perennials, such as impatiens, snapdragons or begonias. Read more