Gardening: Time to Plant Bulbs

Cary, NC – Mid-October is the beginning of the season to plant bulbs in the Piedmont. Here are a few suggestions for your Cary garden. Read more

Gardening Tips For Heavy Rainfall

Cary, NC – You may have noticed Cary has been getting a lot of rain lately. While that’s not fun for us, it’s even less fun for your garden, with heavy rain and wet weather opening it up to all kinds of damage and disease. Here are some tips on how to handle your garden when the rains come. Read more

Fall Gardening: What to Plant Now

Cary, NC – It was a parching August across the Piedmont. But with a good soaking rain coming our way this weekend, it’s time to get started on Fall planting. Read more

Checklist for Fall Gardening

Cary, NC – As the heat of Midsummer gives way to the shorter days of Aautumn, now is the time to plan for your fall garden. Here’s a handy checklist to help you get ready. Read more

Gardening – Outdoor Rooms

Cary, NC – The height of Summer is a good time to rethink your outdoor rooms. Read more

Page-Walker Garden Certified As Wildlife Habitat

Cary, NC – The Page-Walker Arts and History Center’s new pollination garden is already a hit with the local fauna but it has also gotten Cary closer to its goal of becoming a Community Wildlife Habitat. Read more

Gardening: Fill In the Summer Gaps

Cary, NC – After the rush of Spring, the garden can develop some awkward empty spaces. Here are a few tips for filling in the summer gaps. Read more

Pest Damage in the Garden

Cary, NC – Summer is here with hot days and a great deal of humidity since it has rained so much in North Carolina. Great conditions for lots of pests in the garden, some good and some bad.  Read more

Gardening Tips for Curb Appeal

Cary, NC – Whether you are staging your house for the real estate market or you want to give your neighbors something nice to look at, there are a number of simple gardening methods you can use to boost your home’s curb appeal. Read more

Garden: Add Color with Hanging Baskets

Cary, NC- Not everyone wants to dig up their yard to be able enjoy some flowers in the summer. Some of us do better with containers.  Read more