Fall Gardening III: The Magic of Bulbs

Cary, NC – Bulbs produce some of the most spectacular flowers in nature. They can come back year after year, multiply freely and require little to no work. Magic! And, almost magically, now is the time to plant them. Read more

Gardening: Time to Plant Trees & Shrubs

Cary, NC – If early Autumn is the time to plant flowers and fall vegetables, now is the time to start thinking about trees and shrubs. Read more

Gardening: Growing Roses in the Triangle

Cary, NC – Roses, everybody loves them. They are beautiful, smell wonderful and make great cut flowers for the house!  But they are difficult to grow and the options are dumbfounding. There is so much to discuss but I don’t have that much space therefore I will just cover the basics and suggest you visit Clemson Cooperative Extension, for more details. Read more

Gardening: Fall Annuals & Leafy Greens

Cary, NC – Every year is different, but by the beginning of September, it’s time to get started with Fall planting. This year, I recommend starting with some annual flowers and some leafy greens. Read more

Gardening: Container Planting

Cary, NC – We have definitely had our share of heat this summer and it has probably taken a toll on your potted plants.  You may need to completely start over and that’s fine because there are some great late-summer container ideas that will last through fall and into early winter before the first frost. Read more

Gardening in August

Cary, NC – The sun is blazing and rain has been scarce since July. What do in the garden in August? Read more

Gardening: Saving Water in the Summer

Cary, NC – We are in the middle of July and the heat is getting strong. So when watering your lawn and plants, here are some tips on the best ways to use water for your garden. Read more

Watering Your Lawn in the Summer

Cary, NC – Now that the weather is getting hotter, it is time to be more conscientious about water use. And one easy way to manage your water is by rethinking how you care for your lawn. Read more

Gardening: Slugs and Snails – What To Do?

Cary, NC – In our last gardening column, we talked about bugs in your garden but neglected to discuss slugs and snails. So now, take a deep dive with us into the world of gastropoda. Read more

Gardening: Preparing for Summer

Cary, NC – We are officially in the Summer season now which means new steps to take to make sure your garden is well taken care of. Read more