Gardening: Ethanol is Killing Your Lawn Mower

Cary, NC – A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a story about getting ready for Spring. One of the tips was “service your lawnmower.” So, I serviced my lawnmower. What I found out will shock you. Read more

Gardening: Getting Ready for Spring

Cary, NC – It’s still going to be cold outside now and then, but Spring is around the corner. Here are a few tips to get ready for warmer weather in your lawn and garden. Read more

Gardening: Taking Care of Visiting Birds

Cary, NC – It’s cold outside and you’re feeling friendly to the birds. What can you do at this time of year to make friends with the birds in your neighborhood and give them an extra boost in tough times? It’s still not too late to begin! Read more

Gardening for the Holidays

Cary, NC – When you think about it, gardening and plants have a big role during the holidays. There’s the Christmas tree, poinsettia, holly, mistletoe, Christmas cactus and more. Read more

Gardening: Gift Ideas for the Gardeners in Your Life

Cary, NC – The end of the year brings lots of opportunities for gifts. And if you have a gardener in your family or group of friends, there is a never-ending array of gear they can enjoy. Here is a brief guide to what you can get them to make their garden shine. Read more

Fall Gardening: Trees, Shrubs & Groundcover

Cary, NC – Early Autumn is for planting Fall flowers and vegetables. But after the first frost, it’s time to plant trees, shrubs and groundcover plants. Read more

Gardening: Spotting Garden Diseases

Cary, NC – It is fall in North Carolina and time for planting!  So be careful with your new plants that they don’t have or inherit any diseases. Plant diseases are very common and a normal part of gardening.  With some effort you can minimize and control most issues. Read more

Gardening: Time to Plant Bulbs

Cary, NC – Mid-October is the beginning of the season to plant bulbs in the Piedmont. Here are a few suggestions for your Cary garden. Read more

Gardening Tips For Heavy Rainfall

Cary, NC – You may have noticed Cary has been getting a lot of rain lately. While that’s not fun for us, it’s even less fun for your garden, with heavy rain and wet weather opening it up to all kinds of damage and disease. Here are some tips on how to handle your garden when the rains come. Read more

Fall Gardening: What to Plant Now

Cary, NC – It was a parching August across the Piedmont. But with a good soaking rain coming our way this weekend, it’s time to get started on Fall planting. Read more