Local Childhood Cancer Survivor Speaks Before Congress

Cary, NC – Most people never get the chance to speak before Congress, but for seven-year-old Cary resident Scott Lenfestey, this was his second time giving a speech at our nation’s capital to push for more funding for childhood cancer. Read more

Representatives from the Cary elementary schools that received the AHA wellness awards.

Cary Elementary Schools Score High in Wellness

Cary, NC – Out of the 18 Wake County schools that received awards from Advocates for Health in Action (AHA), five were schools in Cary.  Read more


Cary Student Nominated to Medical Congress

Cary, NC – As part of the yearly Congress of Future Medical Leaders, honor students are sent to represent their state. This year, one of North Carolina’s representatives is a student from Cary. Read more


Free Day of Dentistry for Patients In Need

Cary, NC – This Saturday, Cary Family Dental is holding their 4th annual Dentistry from the Heart – free fillings, extractions, cleanings and more for people who cannot afford a visit to the dentist. Read more


Guide to Spas in Cary

Cary, NC — Keep yourself warm and refreshed this winter with a massage, facial or other spa treatment from one of the many excellent choices we found right here in Cary. Read more


Making Bandages from Hotel Sheets


Cary, NC — Old hotel sheets from The Umstead are being recycled into cloth bandages to be sent overseas to help address medical needs in other countries. Read more

Medicine Drop

Medicine Drop – This Weekend in Cary

Medicine Drop

Cary, NC — This Saturday, September 26, 2015, the Town of Cary will host its biannual Operation Medicine Drop – four sites throughout Cary will offer citizens the chance to properly dispose of unwanted medicines with no questions asked.  Read more


5 Vaping Stores Opened in Cary. Why?


Cary, NC — At least five new vaping stores opened recently in Cary. We decided to learn more about this “trend” and answer the big question – is it really healthier than smoking? Read more


Haley’s Story: Realizing My Parents Needed Help


Editor’s Note: Each month, Haley Gray, author and senior advocate, shares stories and expertise about her personal experiences of finding care for aging parents to help provide comfort and guidance for those who are in similar situations.

Cary, NC — The realization that my dad needed care came in stages. I didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Oh, looks like Dad needs extra help from now on.” It’s not that simple. Read more