Veterans Groups in Cary

 Story by Brian Schmid. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – There are many Veterans Groups throughout the nation, and it can be very difficult to keep them straight. Acronyms like MOAA and VFW tend to make civilian’s heads spin, and who can blame them? It seems like they are all nearly carbon copies of each other. In reality though, each group has different entry requirements and slightly different purposes. Read more

History: Did the Maya Emigrate to the American South?

  “Several Southeastern tribes have long said that their ancestors received immigrants from Mesoamerica and that these immigrants introduced many cultural changes. Far too few anthropologists were listening.” – Richard Thornton Read more

Remembering Herb Young

Cary, NC – It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Herb Young, Cary Town Councilman, volunteer and sports icon. He was 84. Read more

Saying Goodbye to Andy Griffith

Story by Gordon and Marcia Mercer.

Cary, NC – “An actor who never looked like he was acting, a moral compass who saved as many souls as most preachers, and an entertainer who put more smiles on more faces than almost anyone; this was as successful a life as is pretty much possible.” – Brad Paisley, in tribute to Andy Griffith. Read more

Pictures: Fourth of July at Bond Park

Story from staff reports. Photos by Brooke Meyer.

Cary, NC – Who can resist a Fourth of July parade or a watermelon eating contest? It was a good time at Bond Park on Independence Day and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. Read more

July 4: Retiring a Worn Flag

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Richard Eriksson.

Cary, NC – With July 4th just around the corner, many people in Cary will be flying the U.S. flag. But is your flag in fit condition? And what can you do if it is not? Read more

History: The Real Story of Pocahantas

Story by Gordon Mercer, professor emeritus at Western Carolina University and Marcia Gaines Mercer, published author and columnist.

“Pocahontas is one of those historical characters who comes across to us eternally embalmed in some legend rather than a person in her own right and in her own humanity.”  – Noel B. Gerson Read more

Real Estate: House on the Move

Story and photos by Lindsey Chester.

Cary, NC – If you woke up early last Saturday, you might have witnessed a house driving down Kildaire Farm Road to its new location on East Cornwall. Read more

Kids Together Park: 12 Anniversary Celebration

Story by Marla Dorrel, president of Kids Together Inc.

Cary, NC – Without the dreams of two little girls who wished to create a place where children of all abilities could play together, Kids Together Playground never would have been built. The playground celebrates its 12th anniversary this Sunday, June 3, 2012. Read more

History: A Man Named Raleigh

Story by Gordon Mercer and Marcia Mercer. Pictures from WikiMedia.

“Fear not to touch the best; The truth shall be thy warrant: Go, since I needs must die…” Sir Walter Raleigh, 1554-1618

As Sir Walter Raleigh was sentenced to death on charges of plotting against King James of England and attacking a Spanish outpost in Guiana, he knew the real reason for his imminent beheading was his failure to return from the New World with vast riches.

Raleigh was an adventurer, writer, explorer, poet and soldier for whom North Carolina’s Capital is named. He was twice imprisoned in the famed ‘Tower of London’ and eventually beheaded.

Did Raleigh deserve his fate? Read more