Cary History: Walter Hines Page – The Early Years

Cary, NC – Perhaps Cary’s most famous resident is Walter Hines Page, the son of town founder Frank Page. Walter was a journalist (Evening Standard), editor (Atlantic Monthly), publisher (Doubleday-Page) and Ambassador to Great Britain during WW I. In this first of three stories, we’ll look at the early years of Walter’s life. Read more


An Arts Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cary, NC — “Art is a mirror in which we see ourselves and where we have been,” said local Cary artist Dan Campbell in reference to the portrait he painted to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Perhaps it can even move us forward.” Read more

High House

History: The Ghost of High House

High House

Cary, NC — Enjoy this haunting tale about an old Cary home.

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History: The Traveling Furniture


Cary, NC — Every day, historical artifacts, documents and stories filled with clues into the past are accidentally thrown away. This is the story of Jimmy Gibbs, a man who recognized the value of his great-grandfather’s historical treasures and risked his life to save them. Read more

History: Rev. J. W. Meadows (1880-1954)

Rev Meadows

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Kris Carmichael and Jimmy Gibbs for their help with this story.

Cary, NC — I sat down with Jimmy Gibbs to hear more about his great grandfather, Reverend J. W. Meadows, a leading minister for Cary’s African American community in the early 1900’s. Read more

History: Page-Walker Celebrates 30 Years

20150809_164131 (1)

Cary, NC — I learned more about the Page-Walker Arts & History Center‘s incredible history – and met some special people – at their 30th anniversary event on Sunday, August 9, 2015. Read more


History: Cary, the Gourd Capital of the World


Cary, NC — Did you know that Cary used to be known as the “Gourd Capital of the World?” I talked to Kris Carmichael from Page-Walker to learn more about this odd piece of history. Read more


Love Stories & Antiques: Chats with Mrs. Upchurch


Cary, NC — On Friday, May 15, 2015, I visited the Upchurch Farm. While I was there, Mrs. Upchurch took me on a tour of her antique treasures from days long ago. Read more

Photos: The Surrender That Ended the Civil War


Durham, NC — 150 years ago, the American Civil War came to an end at a small farm on the outskirts of Durham. Here’s what it might have looked like. Read more

book signing

Cary Author Hosts Book Signing Apr. 26

book signing

Cary, NC — This Sunday, April 26, 2015, join author April Riley Bolejack at Barnes & Noble in Cary for a special book signing and discussion as she tells stories from her new book about what life was like growing up in Cary in the 50’s and 60’s.
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