Cary History

Cary’s Heritage: Finding Arrowheads in Cary

Cary, NC – Cary folks recall finding arrowheads and evidence of Native Americans living in Cary from thousands of years ago. Read more

Dreamfest Encouraging Cary Conversations About Race

Cary, NC – Dreamfest is a yearly tradition in Cary going back to the 1990s and no two years are the same. This year, the multi-day event will feature events meant to foster conversation between Cary community members about race and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King Jr. Read more

Cary History

Cary’s Heritage: World War II Sewing and Canning

Cary, NC – During World War II, folks remember sewing for the war effort, and also remember the cannery that was established at Cary High School where people could preserve their own food. Read more

Jones House Gets New Name, Landmark Designation

Cary, NC – The Jones House has a long connection to Cary’s history, from its rare architectural form in town to the tradition of Cary High School principals living there. As the Jones House recently gained designation as a historic landmark, new information about the building’s history was uncovered, resulting in it getting a more historically-accurate name. Read more

Cary’s Heritage: Early TV and Radio

Cary, NC – Folks remember their first radios and televisions in Cary. Read more

Cary’s Heritage: Early Restaurants

Cary, NC – In Cary’s early days, Chatham Street was also U.S. 1 and 64, plus U.S.70 and 54 also went through Cary. For a sleepy little town, there was traffic going through from New York to Florida. Even so, there were few restaurants or places to get food. Here are a few memories. Read more

Young Artists Celebrated at Paint the Page

Cary, NC – A new yearly tradition at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center is the Paint the Page event, where young artists around the town create artwork inspired by the center. This year saw two artists earn the “Best in Show” commendation, as well as multiple other honorable mentions. Read more

African-American History Harvest Helps Residents Trace Their Roots

Cary, NC – The Page-Walker Arts and History Center is looking to expand its records on African-American families dating back to Cary’s earliest years and is holding an event for residents to share their family records with the Center and with one another in this first-ever History Harvest. Read more

Cary’s Heritage: The Edwards and Barbee Families

Cary, NC – Michael Edwards and Ron Barbee remember the rivalry between two ladies in their families, one from the Edwards family and the other from the Barbee family. Read more