Habitat For Humanity Planning New Affordable Housing in Cary

Cary, NC – Affordable housing is a common subject nowadays when talking about the future of Cary and Wake County. And Habitat for Humanity is planning on building new housing in Cary, fueling further discussion. Read more

Lori’s Blog: A Home for Everyone

Cary, NC – Folks that know me, know that I’m pretty passionate about “Affordable Housing.” Is it because I’m some screaming, leaning liberal? Naaa. Ok, maybe. But really, it’s because I know the impact that having a safe place to live can have on an individual, a family and a community.  Read more

Morrisville, Cary Named State’s Best Suburbs

Cary, NC – Both Cary and Morrisville have been lauded for recent economic growth but part of that development comes down to who wants to live here. And a recent study shows that these are the top two best suburbs in the state to live. Read more

Apex Family Starting Custom Bed Sheet Company for Couples

Apex, NC – If you and your partner wrestle with the bedsheets and find you have different sleep needs, then Jonathan and Mollee Lamm know your struggle. That is why they have created a local bed sheet company for this exact problem and have just started taking orders. Read more


Home: Protecting Your Roof from Birds

David M. Piterski from A&H Forensic Roofing in Cary shares some risks and damage birds can cause to your roof.

Cary, NC — You can ask any roofer, and they will tell you – birds can create serious risk and damage when they come near your home’s roof. While we usually associate roof damage with storms or leaks, birds can also create a world of trouble. Read more

Garden: 5 Easy Indoor Plants for Winter

Cary, NC — Here we are, right in the middle of winter and the coldest part of the year. Gardening may be the last thing on many of our minds, but, if you still need some green, positive energy to keep your house lively, houseplants are the way to go. Read more

Home: Preventing Water Damage

David M. Piterski from A&H Forensic Roofing in Cary shares with us the risks associated with leaking roofs – a problem that often occurs in the winter – and how to prevent damage to your home.

Cary, NC — If you notice your roof leaking this winter, you are potentially exposing your entire household to a serious problem – extensive water damage. Problems associated with leaks can often be fixed easily, but they should be taken seriously. Read more

Outdoor living

Garden: Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living

Cary, NC — There’s something so comforting about a living room or den–comfy couches, chairs, lamps, picture frames and more make it your personal, safe space. Here are some quick tips to help you create that same feeling outside on your porch or in your garden. Read more


Make Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors


Cary, NC — We quickly get inside to safety if there’s a threat of lightning. Interestingly enough, it is seven times more likely that a fatality can happen in a bathtub, for any age, than that someone can be struck by lightning, per the National Safety Council. Read more

Frozen Water Pipes

How To Prevent Damage from Frozen Water Pipes

Frozen Water Pipes

Cary, NC — Temperatures dropped into the single digits in Cary last week, causing frozen water pipes and, in return, big problems for many homes and businesses in the Triangle. Here are the facts of frozen water pipes and how to prevent them in the future. Read more