Money Matters: What’s Up With Your Social Security

“Coach Pete” D’Arruda writes the Money Matters series on CaryCitizen. Photo by Brian Talbot.

Cary, NC – By 2033 the Social Security Administration (SSA) projects the number of eligible Social Security beneficiaries will double, while the number of contributing workers per recipient declines. Do the math. Read more

Money Matters: The True Story on Annuities

Story by “Coach Pete” D’Arruda president of Capital Financial Planning and host of Financial Safari Radio broadcast from Cary, NC. Photo by Glenn Stevens.

Cary, NC- Let’s face it: Market volatility is here to stay. We’re still recovering from the recession, and every day the market seems more and more unpredictable. This type of environment makes retirement planning quite difficult. Here are some thoughts on the issue of annuities. Read more

4 Tips For Financial Independence

Pete D’Arruda (Coach Pete),  president of Capital Financial Advisory Group, writes Money Matters on CaryCitizen. Photo by Florian Boyd.

Cary,NC- After the traditional celebrations of our Independence Day are over, individuals who take a step back and contemplate their financial independence will have even more to celebrate. It is a great time of year to evaluate your financial situation and determine if you have control over your finances. Read more

Money Matters: The Boomerang Generation

Pete D’Arruda (Coach Pete),  president of Capital Financial Advisory Group, writes the Money Matters column on CaryCitizen. Photo by Jordan Krueger

Cary, NC – Many college graduates recently packed up their dorm rooms and returned to their childhood homes to reunite with roommates, mom and dad. Given the economic environment, many will remain living with mom and dad for awhile and join what has been dubbed the “boomerang generation.” Read more

Money Matters: Top 4 Steps To Retirement Savings

Pete D’Arruda (Coach Pete),  president of Capital Financial Advisory Group, writes the Money Matters column on CaryCitizen. Photo by nats.

Cary, NC – For many in the workforce, pensions may be a fading trend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy life after work. Here are my Top 4 Steps to Saving for Retirement. Read more

Money Matters: 3 Steps to Making Your Money Last in Retirement

Pete D’Arruda (Coach Pete),  president of Capital Financial Advisory Group, contributes monthly to the Money Matters column on CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – Traditionally, we’ve been told that saving diligently during our working years is the key to a successful, comfortable retirement.  Unfortunately, the harsh reality of accumulating a nest egg is only half the battle. Upon retirement, making your nest egg last is the next, and oftentimes more difficult, challenge. However, it is possible! Read more

Money Matters: 5 Financial Mistakes

This article is part of a regular series contributed by Pete D’Arruda, aka “Coach Pete”, president of Capital Financial Advisory Group here in Cary, NC. Photo by Chelsea Phillips.

Cary, NC – When it comes to achieving your financial goals, there are plenty of risks and opportunities for failure. Whether it is saving for college, planning for retirement or investing in the stock market, there are pitfalls threatening your dreams and livelihood.

Don’t let these 5 common financial mistakes ruin your chances for a successful financial future. Read more

Money Matters: Estate Planning Checklist for Everyone

Cary, NC – Guest article by attorney Jackie Bedard of Carolina Family Estate Planning. Photo by Michal Hrabovec.

I hear the same excuses over and over….

  • I don’t have an “estate.”
  • I have more debt than assets.
  • The only thing I have is my home.

Read more

Money Matters: Investing in Turbulent Times

Story by Lindsey Chester and “Coach” Pete D’Arruda. Photo by Tamás Mészáros.

Cary, NC- Even if you never pay attention to the stock market, you know we are living in what many call turbulent market conditions. The Dow Jones lost all of its gains for 2010 through volatile trading in August. So what should you do if you are investing for your retirement? Read more

Money Matters: Managing College Debt

Story by Peter “Coach Pete” D’Arruda, RFC, President of Capital Financial Advisory Group and the host of Coach Pete’s Financial Safari on WPTF,  WEEB and  WFNC. 

The average college student today is almost certain to leave their university with student loan debt – in fact, they are more likely to leave with debt than they are to leave with a diploma.

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