Money Matters: Protecting Your Retirement Against Illness or Injury


Cary, NC – If you’ve already started saving for your retirement, congratulations. You’re on your way to fulfilling lifelong dreams and goals. There are millions of Americans who suffer a disabling illness or injury and, as a result, cannot work. Such afflictions not only effects their physical well being, but their fiscal health as well, damaging their income and retirement funds. Read more


Money Matters: Getting Disability Insurance


Cary, NC — “It will never happen to me.” That’s what a lot of us think. In reality, disabilities can and do happen. – to anyone – at any time.  Read more


Money Matters: College Funding with Money Market Mutual Funds


Cary, NC — Today, there are many funding vehicles for those trying to accumulate money for a child’s education – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Certificates of Deposit, annuities, or insurance products. All of these are good choices for accumulating funds, but when the time between deposit and demand is short, many find that money market mutual funds best meet their needs. Read more


Money Matters: Time To Rebalance Your Money


Story by Raj Satsangi.

Cary, NC — If you’re like most people, you started-off the new year by taking an inventory of your lifestyle and resolving to make some changes.  Read more

Top 7 Tax Tips for 2013

top-7-tax-tips-cary Cary, NC – In January, taxpayers begin receiving the documents they will need to file their 2012 tax returns. Here are some tips that will make sure you are prepared whether you file electronically, use Turbo Tax, or hire a professional to save you the headaches. Read more

Money Matters: What’s Up With Your Social Security

“Coach Pete” D’Arruda writes the Money Matters series on CaryCitizen. Photo by Brian Talbot.

Cary, NC – By 2033 the Social Security Administration (SSA) projects the number of eligible Social Security beneficiaries will double, while the number of contributing workers per recipient declines. Do the math. Read more

Money Matters: The True Story on Annuities

Story by “Coach Pete” D’Arruda president of Capital Financial Planning and host of Financial Safari Radio broadcast from Cary, NC. Photo by Glenn Stevens.

Cary, NC- Let’s face it: Market volatility is here to stay. We’re still recovering from the recession, and every day the market seems more and more unpredictable. This type of environment makes retirement planning quite difficult. Here are some thoughts on the issue of annuities. Read more

4 Tips For Financial Independence

Pete D’Arruda (Coach Pete),  president of Capital Financial Advisory Group, writes Money Matters on CaryCitizen. Photo by Florian Boyd.

Cary,NC- After the traditional celebrations of our Independence Day are over, individuals who take a step back and contemplate their financial independence will have even more to celebrate. It is a great time of year to evaluate your financial situation and determine if you have control over your finances. Read more

Money Matters: The Boomerang Generation

Pete D’Arruda (Coach Pete),  president of Capital Financial Advisory Group, writes the Money Matters column on CaryCitizen. Photo by Jordan Krueger

Cary, NC – Many college graduates recently packed up their dorm rooms and returned to their childhood homes to reunite with roommates, mom and dad. Given the economic environment, many will remain living with mom and dad for awhile and join what has been dubbed the “boomerang generation.” Read more

Money Matters: Top 4 Steps To Retirement Savings

Pete D’Arruda (Coach Pete),  president of Capital Financial Advisory Group, writes the Money Matters column on CaryCitizen. Photo by nats.

Cary, NC – For many in the workforce, pensions may be a fading trend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy life after work. Here are my Top 4 Steps to Saving for Retirement. Read more