Food: What’s My Beef?

Story by Kaynan Goldberg. Kaynan is CaryCitizen’s 13-year-old columnist on all things frugal, crunchy, healthy and green. She blogs at VeggiesGoCrunch. Photo by Mike.

Cary, NC – Beef has a bad reputation.  It’s considered dirty, and fatty, and just plain unhealthy.  But not all beef is equal.  In fact, it can be one of the best foods for you.  It all depends on where it’s from, and how it was raised. Read more

Community: Three Events to Fight Cancer

Story by Lindsey Chester. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – For six years,  the Matt Cossa Memorial Foundation, named for a Green Hope student, Matt Cossa, has raised money to fight cancer. This year, the Foundation has three events this spring where you can help the fight against cancer and honor the memory of a special young man.

Since its inception, the Matt Cossa Memorial Foundation has raised more than $125,000 in the fight against lymphoma and other blood cancers. I spoke with Bill Cossa, Matt’s son about this year’s events. Read more

Recipe: Dumplings For Chinese New Year

Recipe by Chef Alan Panzer from the Kroger store in Apex, NC

Did you know Monday Jan 23 is Chinese New Year? How about celebrating the Year of the Dragon with a recipe for pork dumplings? Read more

Winter Gardening in Cary NC

Story and photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Our good friends over at Garden Supply Company here in Cary just published a great post about January Gardening. With the weather unseasonably warm this year, I’d thought I’d add my two cents. Read more

Cary Chamber: Who Wants to Win a Fiat?

Story & photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Someone in the greater Cary metroplex is going to win a brand-new Fiat 500c convertible. It could be you. Read more

A Weekend of Original Theater in Cary

Story from staff reports. Photo by Andy Helsby.

Cary, NC – The dark nights of January prove the perfect time for drama – stage plays, comedy, farce and all manner of theater. Fortunately, we are rich in theater offerings here in Cary, NC. This weekend is no different, with two different original productions treading the boards in town. Read more

Health: Coping with ADHD

Story by Dr. L. Zaiim, MD. Dr. Zaiim is a general practitioner, board-certified in pediatrics and integrative medicine. He is the medical director of Carolina Integrative Clinic in Cary, NC. Photo by Emil Zakhariev.

Cary, NC – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD (also called  AD/HD or AD) is the most common of childhood psychiatric disorders. In this story, I will tell you what it is, who gets it and how to treat it. Read more

Food: Peppers Market in Morrisville

Story and iPhone photos by Hal Goodtree.

Morrisville, NC – How many sandwiches are made and eaten everyday in Cary? Thousands, surely. But you’d have to eat a lot of sandwiches to find any as good as those from Peppers Market in Morrisville. Read more

Decorating: 2012’s New Color Hues For Home Décor

Story by Vivien Koronet of Vivien Koronet Interior Design. Photo from Benjamin Moore Paints.

Cary, NC – The new year has arrived, and color abounds! You may not see it outside given the dreary skies of winter, but the color trends for home décor in 2012 are new and exciting. So get out your color wheel and a paint roller and brighten up all the rooms in your house. Read more

Pets: What’s In That Dog Food?

Story and photos by Kaynan Goldberg. Kaynan is CaryCitizen’s 13-year-old columnist on all things frugal, crunchy, healthy and green. She blogs at VeggiesGoCrunch.

Cary, NC – Murphy is my grandfather’s Black Labrador Retriever.  He is about ten months old, and he is adorable. But what’s in his food bowl? Read more