Cary Town Council

Cary Town Council: Weldon Ridge, Sams-Jones House and More

Cary, NC – The latest Cary Town Council meeting saw extensive discussion on the Weldon Ridge PDD Amendment to rearrange the position of schools and residential units, as well as a vote on the Sams-Jones House lease, funding for new sidewalks and more. Read more

Girl Scouts

Refugee Students Introduced to American Culture Through Girl Scout’s Project

Cary, NC – More than 3,000 refugees were settled in North Carolina in 2016, more than the majority of U.S. states. For those young people who came over as refugees to the Triangle area, one Cary Girl Scout created a project to help acclimate them to life in local schools. Read more

New Year’s Eve Events for the End of 2017

Cary, NC – 2017 is coming to an end – a time for reflection and a time for parties and celebration. We can’t help you with your introspection but here are some of the parties and events around Cary to ring in the New Year. Read more

2017 Gifts for Gardeners

Cary, NC – Here are a few suggestions for gifts for gardeners. If you are a gardener, send this story to your loved ones so they know what to buy for you. Read more

New Cary Film Festival Looks for Hometown Stories

Cary, NC – The Cary Theater is the community’s arthouse movie theater so it’s appropriate that on the first year of their new film festival, they are looking for people from around the area and the world to share stories about their own hometowns. Read more

Weekend Events: Holiday Events, Local Concerts and More

Cary, NC – As the end of the year gets closer, there are more holiday events going on around Cary, from concerts to sing-a-longs to babysitting events and more.

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Postmaster Cary

Local, Simple, Seasonal Food at Postmaster

Story originally appeared on FoodCary.

Cary, NC – With Downtown Cary continuing to grow, the new Postmaster is looking to fill the need for seasonal, local food while keeping it simple for everyone looking to eat out. Read more

Samaritan’s Corner: The Penguin’s Angel

Cary, NC – Welcome to Samaritan’s Corner. Let’s Talk!

P! T! A! Prepare! The! Article!

That’s exactly what I thought during a PTA meeting I attended a few weeks ago at my son’s school!! While covering many different topics in the meeting, Mrs. Bame, my son’s Principal, began to veer off of the path a little. She started talking about this lady named Maria! Mrs. Bame went on and on about how loving, caring and neccesary Maria is to everyone in the school, especially the children! As Mrs. Bame continued to brag about the “Wonderful Maria,” whom I had never met, I could almost see tears building up in her eyes.

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Sams-Jones House

Sams-Jones House Gets Potential New Tenant

Cary, NC – Since early 2016, the Sams-Jones House has sat empty as the Town of Cary looked for a new tenant. Now, town staff have selected a potential business to fill the historic house and Town Council will vote on approving the lease later this week. Read more

Harold’s Blog: Christmas Parade, Economic Development and More

Cary, NC – This was a busy week with several long nights. Read more