The Mayor’s Blog: My Aching Back

Editor’s Note: Starting this week, we’ll be republishing Mayor Harold Weinbrecht’s blog in CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC –  This week was a week of rest and recuperation from my fractured vertebrae injury. Read more

Garrison Keillor Likes Ashworths

L-->R Keillor, Watkins, Show Band Pianist Rich Dworsky, Linda and Robin Williams.

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photos by Joshua Steadman.

Cary, NC – Guy Noir needed a raincoat Saturday night as Garrison Keillor brought A Prairie Home Companion to Booth Amphitheatre.

The sky drizzled all evening with umbrellas periodically opening and closing across the great lawn like a field full of moths. But the weather couldn’t dampen the fun for the packed house, there to hear Keillor’s witty and nostalgic show. Read more

Celebrating 5 Years Where Artists Meet in Cary

Cary Gallery of Artists, located at 200 S. Academy St, in downtown Cary

Cary, NC- A few years ago, Ralph Ashworth wondered aloud: “Wouldn’t it be nice if Cary had a co-op gallery?” He had seen co-op galleries on his travels and thought the concept made sense in the growing community he called home. Read more

Hidden Giant: Lonesource

Bradley King , President and CEO of Lonesource talked to us about his homegrown business.

Cary, NC- Continuing our Hidden Giants series, here’s another Cary company quietly growing like kudzu. It’s called Lonesource and it sells, well, everything for business.

I met with Bradley King, President and CEO, to find out how they started their “one source” concept. Read more

In Memoriam: Jefferson Sugg

Cary, NC – Jefferson Lloyd Sugg, one of Cary’s pioneer developers, passed away earlier this month. He was 85. Read more

Profile: Mayor Jackie Holcombe of Morrisville

Story by Matt Young. Photos by Hal Goodtree.

Morrisville, North Carolina – Here in Cary, we are fortunate to have a good neighbor in the Town of Morrisville. The folks of Morrisville are fortunate to have a Mayor who is “in it” for the good of the town she loves.

We were greeted warmly by Mayor Holcombe in Morrisville’s beautiful Council Chambers on Thursday of last week. Read more

Profile: Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht

Cary, NC – I can’t say I’ve ever been convinced that a politician was simply in politics to do the “right thing” until I met Mayor Weinbrecht.

He’s like the other people in your neighborhood.  He works a full-time job as a programmer (at SAS), is devoted to his family and his church, volunteers for activities in the community and loves Cary.

When talking with him, his sincerity is obvious: he just wants Cary to thrive.  His words aren’t contrived, there are no “talking points” and he is forthcoming with his opinions. The Mayor responded to my e-mail request to interview him in 11 minutes. Read more

Profile: Cary Town Manager Ben Shivar

Cary, N.C. – We met with Cary Town Manager Ben Shivar on Friday.  We sat down in the conference room in the Administration Building on Academy Street.

It was “casual Friday” and staff was scurrying around in jeans.  Ben had on a sports jacket and button down.  I teased him about it and he chuckled.

Ben is a pleasant, thoughtful man.  “Tell me about your background”, I said.  “Well, I have 33 years in local government service,” he said.  We joked about whether or not that makes him qualified for the job and then we talked for an hour and a half. Read more

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