Downtown Cary

Don’s Blog: Urban Drive Townhomes

Cary, NC – At our council meeting this past Thursday we unanimously approved the Urban Drive Townhome Rezoning. This request rezones one lot along Urban Drive from Medium Density Residential (MDR) to Mixed-use allowing for the construction of five townhomes that will be integrated into the Chatham Walk Condominium project at the corner of Chatham and Urban. Read more

Harold’s Blog: Town Council Meeting, Cary Dreamfest and More

Cary, NC – This was the first full week of the year. Read more

Samaritan's Corner

Samaritan’s Corner: Cookie Cutters Shape Cookies, Not Marriages

Cary, NC – Welcome to Samaritan’s Corner. Let’s Talk!!

Ecclesiastes 4:12 – “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. But a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”

First column of this 2018 year, I just had to start with the triple-braided cord that holds my sweet family together! We are not the triple-braided cord, we are merely the recipients of the strength it provides! On Thursday, March 22, 2018, my wife and I will be “THROWING DOWN,” celebrating ten years of marriage! I was warned by many of my married friends that it would fly by, but I had no idea how fast “fly by” was! Read more

Cold Weather

Harold’s Blog: Cold Weather, Cary Economy and More

Cary, NC – This was the second consecutive holiday week and the first week of the new year.  Read more

Wake County Board of Education

Education: Bill Fletcher 2018 January Newsletter

Cary, NC – Thoughts for January 2018 from Bill Fletcher, Member of the Wake County Board of Education. Read more

Harold Weinbrecht

Harold’s Blog: New Year’s Eve, Transportation and More

Cary, NC – Happy New Year!! This was a very slow week due to the holiday so there isn’t much to report.  Read more

Harold’s Blog: Christmas Week in Cary

Cary, NC – Since this was considered a holiday week for many there was not a lot going on. Read more

Samaritan’s Corner: God’s Got This Because I Don’t

Cary, NC – Welcome To Samaritan’s Corner. Let’s Talk!

Ecclesiastes 1:18 – With much wisdom comes “great grief.” Ecclesiastes is my favorite book in the entire Bible and this is probably my favorite scripture. Seeing “great grief” in this scripture, for many years, always made me think about overwhelming pain and suffering.  Read more

Harold’s Blog: Town Council Meeting, Wreaths Across America and More

Cary, NC – This was typical week for a week that included a council meeting. Read more

Education: Bill Fletcher 2017 December Newsletter

Cary, NC – Thoughts for December 2017 from Bill Fletcher, Member of the Wake County Board of Education. Read more