Don’s Blog: 2017 Bad Bills of the Year

Cary, NC – I wanted to bring to folks’ attention a number of bills that are working their way through the state legislature that, if passed have the potential to negatively impact Cary. Read more

Don’s Blog: 2017 Town of Cary Council/Staff Retreat

Cary, NC – This past weekend the council traveled to Wrightsville Beach for our annual council/staff retreat. Read more

Don’s Blog: HB2 and the NCAA and ACC

Cary, NC – Cary has been in the news a lot over the last week. Unfortunately it hasn’t been good news. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve surely heard about the NCAA’s decision to eliminate seven championship games from North Carolina in protest of HB2. The majority of these events were to be held in Cary. Read more

Don’s Blog: 2017 Town Budget

Cary, NC – After three budget work sessions and two public hearings the council unanimously approved the Town of Cary’s FY17 Budget at our council meeting this past Monday. The budget totals $319 Million – the operating budget totals $227.8 Million and the capital budget is $91.4 million. Read more

Don’s Blog: Town Manager, Publix and Downtown

Cary, NC – Exciting things are happening in downtown Cary, and if all goes as planned, this project will be the first of many significant investments to come.

Read more

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Don’s Blog: Worksession, Council Meeting & Town Clerk

Cary, NC — On February 23, 2016, the council held a worksession to discuss a number of items – half of which we never even got to, as time ran out. It amazes me how things that seem so simple become so complex and vice-versa. Read more

Don’s Blog: 2016 Retreat

Cary, NC — This past weekend, the council and town staff traveled to Greensboro, North Cackalacky for our annual council/staff retreat. The main focus of the retreat was on infill development and redevelopment. Read more


Don’s Blog: November 2015 Update


Cary, NC — Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been trying to dig myself out of a honey-do hole since the election ended. 😉 Read more

Don’s Blog: Thank You Cary Voters!

Cary Town Hall

Cary, NC — Thank you Cary District B voters for your faith and trust in me to continue to serve as your representative for another term! I am forever grateful and humbled by the level of support we received throughout our campaign and on Election Day. Read more