Harold’s Blog: HB2 and Other Issues

Cary, NC –  Monday was my first day back after spending most of last week in Augusta, Georgia working at the Masters. Other than getting wind-blasted for 12 hours a day, it was a fantastic tournament and I was blessed to have the opportunity to volunteer for my 38th year.  Read more


Harold’s Blog: Citizens’ Survey Results & Town Seal

Cary, NC — This week was a holiday week, so most meetings and events were in the first half of the week. Read more


Harold’s Blog: Railroads & Sports Venues

Cary, NC — This week kept me busy for most evenings but overall was a typical week. Read more


Harold’s Blog: Downtown Library, Tobacco Road Marathon & More

Cary, NC — This was a busy week for me as is typical this time of year. Read more

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Harold’s Blog: 4th Graders & Town Manager Search

Cary, NC — This week mostly consisted of appearances and a quasi-judicial hearing. Read more

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Harold’s Blog: Planning Sessions & Great Chinese Food

Cary, NC — This week was difficult for me, as I balanced taking care of my wife after two surgeries and performing my mayoral duties. I would like to thank Mayor Pro-Tem Yerha and the town staff for taking care of my duties and helping me through this time. I would also like to thank all the folks who sent food and for all their well wishes.

We feel truly blessed to have so many people that care.

Read more

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Harold’s Blog: Sports News & Visitor from China

Cary, NC — The first half of the week was busy with meetings. The second half of the week was not as busy, which allowed me to spend time with my wife. Read more