Lori Bush: A Theater is Reborn

Story by Lori Bush. Republished from her blog.

Cary, NC – Being a council member does have its perks. Ceremonial duties such as groundbreakings or award programs are some of my favorite activities. I’m also looking forward to a promised ride-along with a Cary police officer, and my first chance to be in a parade (that’s next weekend!) Sometimes these events give me a behind-the-scenes look at some of Town projects in development in Cary. Read more

Lori Bush: Behind the Scenes at Wake Med

Cary, NC – Just before Thanksgiving, At-Large Councilman Ed Yerha and I were treated to a unique experience — a behind-the-scenes tour of WakeMed Cary located at the corner of Tryon and Kildaire Farm Road. (Take aVirtual Tour!) Read more

Lori Bush: Cary’s Committee of the Future

Editor’s Note: The Town of Cary is seeking volunteers for the Committee of the Future, billed as “the steering committee for the New Cary Community Plan.” Town Council member Lori Bush explains how you can get involved.  Read more

Lori Bush: Parkside Town Commons

Republished from the blog of Lori Bush, At-Large member of Cary Town Council.

Cary, NC – I recently wrote about the new development at Bradford, and folks seemed to like the insight and updates on new construction in Cary.  So, in keeping with that previous post, I thought I’d give an update on a project that will be one of the first in the Alston Regional Activity Center. Read more

Lori Bush: Should I Vote for the Cary Bonds?

From the blog of Lori Bush, Cary Town Council At-Large member.

Cary, NC – We are all being bombarded by political ads.  It’s the season for it, for sure.  But there are a number of other measures on the ballot that also require our attention.  One of those, is the Cary Bond referendum.  (I should probably say “referendums” since there are 3 on the ballot.) Read more

Lori Bush: Musings

Story and picture from the blog of Lori Bush.

Cary, NC – As I sit here at my lunch break, I realized that I haven’t been very public about all the various issues that have come before council lately. So, in the spirit of open communications – here are my thoughts regarding some of these recent issues. Read more

Lori Bush: Tech Task Force

From the blog of Lori Bush, Cary Town Council At-Large member.

Cary, NC – I promise, there WILL be a time when I DON’T blog about technology. (Ok, maybe that isn’t a promise I can keep.)

Our very own Cary “Geek Squad” aka the “Technology Task Force” met Wednesday for the first time at Town Hall. I was impressed with the breadth and depth of their experience, their passion for making Cary a better place, and their willingness to take valuable time out of their lives to help in this important endeavor. Read more

Lori Bush: Building Bradford

From the blog of Lori Bush, Cary Town Council At-Large member.

Cary, NC – Some folks say that they can tell when the economy is starting to come back when they see the construction trucks roll in.  I’m not sure that’s the best indicator – but the trucks are starting to roll at the corner of Davis Drive and High House.

I wrote about the Searstone and Bradford developments in March (“Construction in Cary”) – and now the work has recently begun at Bradford. Read more

Lori Bush: Obsessed with Technology

From the blog of Lori Bush, Cary Town Council At-Large member.

Cary, NC – So, if you didn’t know it before hand, it’s got to be abundantly clear by now. I’m a nerd. Or a geek. Maybe the right term is technology obsessed.  Whatever the right term is, you get the picture.

Which is why this is a great and fun week for me!  Not only is the proposal that Councilman Don Frantz and I submitted for the Town of Cary Technology Task Force starting to take shape, but this weekend is CityCamp Raleigh.

Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself. Read more

Lori Bush: Stand Up and Volunteer

From the blog of Lori Bush, At-Large member of Cary Town Council.

Cary, NC – Have you ever sat there and said,

  • Why don’t they put a park by my house?
  • Wonder what they’re building over there…
  • I wish we would have bigger recycling bins…
  • I want a walkable Town…
  • Why don’t we have a YouTube channel?
  • I wish Cary would….

If so, then your town needs YOU! Read more