Town Council Profile: Anne Robotti

Morrisville, NC – Anne Robotti is one of Morrisville’s newest Council Members, winning the District 1 seat in the November 2019 election. We talked with Robotti about why she wanted to run, what her priorities are and what she hopes to do in town government. Read more

Lyman Collins Reflects on 20 Years as Cultural Arts Manager

Cary, NC – Lyman Collins joined the Town of Cary as cultural arts manager in 1999, and after 20 years, he is now retiring. Collins looked back on his history with the town and his role as an arts evangelist.

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Town of Cary

Mike Bajorek on 30+ Years Behind the Scenes

Cary, NC – Cary’s Deputy Town Manager Mike Bajorek has worked for the Town of Cary for 31 years. Bajorek is retiring at the end of the month and he shared his experiences and insights on the town. Read more

Remembering: Daphne Ashworth

Cary, NC – Sadly, Daphne Ashworth passed away on Friday, January 19, 2018, leaving behind a legacy that helped shape Downtown Cary as well as a number of other cultural contributions. Read more

Cary Police

Profile: Tru Pettigrew and Building Bridges

Cary, NC – At a time when tensions between police departments and communities of color are prominent in the news, local programs have been working to bridge any divides between these two groups in Cary. Many of these programs were started because of one man who went to the police station because he was afraid of his son’s future. Read more

Cary Resident Meets Long-Lost Sister for the First Time

Cary, NC – Imagine learning you have a sibling you’ve never gotten to meet. That was the experience of one Cary man, until this past week, he and his sister finally got to meet in person for the first time. Read more

Former Cary Resident Embarks in Run Across America

Cary, NC – An ironman triathlon is 140 miles long and is considered one of the most grueling athletic events. A former Cary resident is planning a run nearly 20 times that, running from his current home in California through Cary and onto the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Read more

Samaritan’s Corner: We’ll Never Look Like What We’ve Been Through

Cary, NC – Welcome to Samaritan’s Corner. Let’s talk!

To a boy, his mother is the very first woman he ever falls in love with. Between that boy and his mother is a bond like no other bond he’ll ever have in his lifetime. Read more

Samaritan’s Corner: David Byrd

Cary, NC – Welcome to Samaritans Corner! Let’s Talk.

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But what if the beholder can’t see? Read more

Cary Resident Reminisces on 100 Years of Life

Cary, NC – There’s a lot a person can do in 100 years. One Cary resident who recently celebrated her 100th birthday talked about her experiences, from working in Central Africa to ministering in impoverished parts of the United States. Read more