Bond Park

Bond Park Community Center Temporarily Closing Next Week

Cary, NC – As part of repairs and maintenance to Town of Cary facilities, the Bond Park Community Center will be closed starting next week. Read more

2017 Independence Day Events In and Around Cary

Cary, NC – July 4 is always a big celebration in the United States and it’s no different here in Cary. So to plan out your Independence Day, here are some of the events going on around town. Read more

Bald Eagles – See Them in Cary

Bald Eagles

Editor’s Note: It’s a breathtaking sight to watch a large eagle soar over roads or lakes, and, lately, we’ve seen quite a few eagles during our commutes. Jessica, our assistant editor, recently saw two bald eagles fly over Lake Crabtree in Morrisville in a span of only two weeks. 

We consulted our friend and bird-watching expert, David Lindquist, to learn why, where and when you can see bald eagles (fairly easily!) right here in Cary.

Cary, NC — In Cary, we can enjoy the recent arrival of Bald Eagles. They’re flourishing on our lakes and ponds, and the exhilarating sight of them can make our days. It’s now easy for Cary residents to drive or walk a modest distance and see eagles soaring in our skies. Read more

Bond Park

Editor’s Journal: Music at Bond Park & More

Bond Park

Editor’s Note: The weekly editor’s journal is a collection of photos, thoughts and events from last week that didn’t make it into stories of their own.

Cary, NC — My weekend in Cary consisted of outdoor music at Bond Park and Downtown Cary Food & Flea, a monthly Sunday afternoon festival in Ashworth Village. Read more

Olde Time Independence Day Celebration in Photos

Photos from Cary's Olde Time Independence Day Festivities at Bond Park all by Brooke Meyer

Photos from Cary’s Olde Time Independence Day Festivities at Bond Park all by Brooke Meyer

Cary, NC — On Friday, July 4, the weather was sunny and mild for Cary’s Olde Time Independence Day Celebration at Bond Park. Photographer Brooke Meyer was there to document the fun. Read more


Cary’s Dog Days 2014 in Photos


All photos by Brooke Meyer

Cary, NC — What can we say? Our photographer Brooke Meyer never met a dog he didn’t like, and he particularly has a thing for the Cary Dog Days of June and their frisbee throwing contest. Read more


1st Hot Chocolate Run Results


Photos and run results courtesy of Fit & Able Productions.

Cary, NC-  Over 200 Runners braved the cold for the 1st annual Fit & Able Productions and the Town of Cary’s Hot Chocolate Run and Doggie Dash. Read more

3 Kings Celebration, Bond Park, Jan 4

Diamante will sponsor the Cary Three Kings Celebration in Bond Park on Jan 4, 2014

Diamante will sponsor the Cary Three Kings Celebration in Bond Park on Jan 4, 2014

Cary, NC – Diamante will sponsor the 9th annual Three Kings celebration in Bond Park on Saturday January 4, 2014 beginning at 1:00 PM. This free event culminates the holiday season in the Hispanic community. Free and open to all. Read more

fred bond

Cary History: Fred Bond

fred bond

Cary, NC — Fred G. Bond was mayor of Cary from 1971 to 1983, during which time he oversaw significant expansion of the town. The foundations he put in place to accommodate population growth have shaped Cary into the desirable community it is today. Read more

pumpkin chuck

Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck

pumpkin chuckCary, NC – Announcing Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck, scheduled for Sunday, November 3, 2013 at Bond Park.

Pumpkin Chucking

Not familiar with a pumpkin chuck? It’s a competition where teams hurl pumpkins at targets and for distance with a homemade device called a trebuchet.

A trebuchet is like a catapult, except with a sling instead of a giant spoon.

Pumpkin chucks are also called punkin’ chuckin’ and punkin chunkin’. Don’t know why “chunking” except maybe alliteration.


Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck

Whatever you want to call it, Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck will happen the weekend after Halloween – Sunday, November 3, 2013. More info on

The venue is the Spillway in beautiful Bond Park. That’s the area between the Community Center and the lake – a hilly spot overlooking a big, flat field. It’s sometimes used for event and Spring Daze parking.

The Spillway is about 500 feet long. We’ll be using approximately 300 feet for the punkin’ chuckin’.

Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck is a co-production of Town of Cary and TechnologyTank.

Mini-Maker Fair

Cary’s Punkin’ Chuck will also have a mini-Maker Fair. Booths to be announced, but expect science, technology and DIY exhibits.

If you’d like to be an exhibitor at the event, please email Ian Henshaw.


Teams are forming now! Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck is a fun, innovative experience for Scout troops, school clubs, families and hobbyists of all ages.

For more information, visit To register, visit EventBrite.


Trebuchet photo for  Cub Scout Pack 101 in Cedar Valley, Texas by Irish Typepad.