Local Girl Scout Earns Award for Creating Blood Drive, Raising Awareness

Cary, NC – A friend, even a close one, could be dealing with a disease in their private lives you do not notice. One Cary Girl Scout worked on a project framed around these invisible diseases, earning her the Girl Scouts’ top award in the process. Read more

Cary Girl Scout Wins Award for Novel About Lives of Immigrants

Cary, NC – Cary is home to many immigrants from all parts of the world and one Girl Scout and daughter of immigrants has written a book about the experiences of people who come to the United States from other countries, earning herself an award in the process. Read more

Cary Girl Scout Earns Award for Improving Farm Animal Conditions

Cary, NC – Most people may not think about how the animals involved in their food live but it is actually very important to both food quality and hygiene. And one Cary Girl Scout created a project to raise awareness on this, earning herself the Girl Scouts’ top award. Read more

Cary Girl Scouts Are Top Cookie Sellers in Wake

Cary, NC – The Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout Cookie are synonymous in American culture, with emphasis put on who can sell the most cookies. And in Cary, two local scouts topped the list in Wake County, selling more than 3,000 boxes between them. Read more

Local Girl Scout Gets Top Distinction for Science Education

Cary, NC – Every year, only ten members of the Girl Scouts of America nationwide get the National Young Women of Distinction and one of them is a Cary scout who created a project to teach more children about science and medicine. Read more