CORRAL Riding Academy Finishes Purchase of New Farm

Cary, NC – After holding their largest fundraiser almost a year ago, CORRAL Riding Academy has finalized the purchase of a new farm and permanent home for the girls non-profit. Read more

Cary Senior Community Hosting Dog Adoption Event

Cary, NC – Easter is typically associated with bunnies and chicks but a Cary senior living community is adding puppies to the mix with a dog adoption event to fit with their Easter Egg Hunt. Read more

Morrisville Councilmember Gets Shaved for Charity

Morrisville, NC – If you have participated in a charity, you’ll know it feels better to donate your time in a group than by yourself. And Morrisville Councilmember TJ Cawley joined with a group to get shaved bald for childhood cancer research and treatment. Read more

Cary Starting Point in First Annual Bike Marathon

Cary, NC – Cary is big but not big enough to contain a new bicycle race that has participants ride from Cary outside the Triangle and all the way to Chapel Hill to benefit the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF). Read more

Cary Non-Profits Get Funding From 2016 Lazy Daze

Cary, NC – Last year’s Lazy Daze was the largest in Cary history and has spurred the town to make it a two-day event for the foreseeable future. On top of that, the funds raised by the festival have gone to benefit dozens of Cary non-profits. Read more

Local Stylist Donating Time and Haircuts

Cary, NC – Cary is home to many charities but not all donations take the form of food drives and fundraisers. One Cary-based stylist is using her skills to help people with long stays at the Ronald McDonald House gain some comfort. Read more

Cary Resident, 77 Years Old, Volunteers in Kenya

Cary, NC – In July of 2016, 77-year-old Cary resident Diane Meckler met Janice Gleason Skow of California and had a conversation that would change her life. Janice shared the story of how her father, Rev. Carlton Gleason (“Pappy”) visited Kenya in 1998, at the age of 88, and upon seeing the tremendous needs of the people, started Segera Mission ( a Christian mission that includes a school, medical clinic, and mission outreach program in a remote area of Laikipia, Kenya. Read more

Cary Seniors Organizing Food Drive

Cary, NC – Even when the holiday season is over, the push for donations continues. At Waltonwood Cary Parkway, residents are putting together a food and supply drive for Dorcas Ministries and are asking the community for help. Read more

Cary Preschool Raises More than 100 Pounds of Food

Cary, NC – School is often about more than teaching math, science and how to read. It can impart skills and lessons. And one local school taught its students through a food drive that raised more than 100 pounds for Triangle hunger relief. Read more

The Forge Initiative Recognized in Nationwide Magazine

Cary, NC – The Forge Initiative is well known in the area for helping make Cary a connected and tech-savvy community and now their work is being noticed around the country as they were featured in a nationwide magazine. Read more