Comedians Find Unique Way to Help Dogs In Need

Cary, NC – North Carolina euthanizes more dogs in its shelters than any other state. But one North Carolina organization is trying to help get these dogs to home first and is partnering with nationwide comedians to raise money. Read more


Keep Pets Safe in the Summer Heat


Cary, NC — A worrisome press release I received from the Town of Cary last week inspired me to publish some tips on how to protect your pets from the heat this summer.  Read more

Photos: Dog Days of June


Cary, NC — On Saturday, June 6, 2015, I was right where I wanted to be–at Bond Park and surrounded by dogs. Dog Days of June was a hit, and I captured the moment with these photos. Read more

Dog Days

Dog Days of June: This Saturday in Cary

Dog Days

Cary, NC — Simply saying that I’m a dog-lover is an understatement. That’s why I marked my calendar for June 6, 2015 months ago. This Saturday, Bond Park will be packed with dogs of all shapes and sizes for Cary’s annual Dog Days of June event (or a dog-lover’s dream). Read more


3 Steps to Protect Your Pet During the Holidays


Cary, NC — The holiday season is the most dangerous time of the year for our pets. Read on, and learn how to protect your dogs and cats from poisoning, extreme temperatures, and emotional and physical distress. Read more

animall in cary nc

AniMall of Cary: Adopt, Shop, Save Lives


Cary, NC — Many people love dogs and cats, but how many work hard every day to save the lives of homeless animals? I had the privilege of meeting Jeremiah Adams, Executive Director of AniMall, who does just that.

Read more

Choosing a Cat-Friendly Boarding Facility

Story by Jennifer Eachus, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and owner of the Cat Clinic of Cary.

Cary, NC – During the holidays, families often find themselves in a bind over what to do with pets when you are going away for more than a day or two. Read more

Don’s Blog: Spring Chickens

Story by Don Frantz, Cary Town Council member, District B. First published on Blogspot. Photo by Max Westby.

Cary, NC – Call me a flip-flopper if you want, but I have changed my mind regarding chickens in Cary. It has nothing to do with “sustainability” or many of the “green” arguments chicken proponents point to – it has everything to do with freedom. Read more

Pets: What’s In That Dog Food?

Story and photos by Kaynan Goldberg. Kaynan is CaryCitizen’s 13-year-old columnist on all things frugal, crunchy, healthy and green. She blogs at VeggiesGoCrunch.

Cary, NC – Murphy is my grandfather’s Black Labrador Retriever.  He is about ten months old, and he is adorable. But what’s in his food bowl? Read more

Charity Dog Wash in Cary on Saturday

Story by Hal Goodtree. Photo by Brooke Meyer.

Cary, NC – Dogtopia, a full service doggie spa, is holding a Charity Dog Wash on Saturday from 10-4 to benefit local K-9 police units. Read more