Waltonwood Resident Shares Prison Camp Experience

Cary, NC – Tens of thousands of people were held in prison camps by Imperial Japan during World War II. One of its survivors shared her family’s story living in the camps with fellow residents at Waltonwood Cary Parkway. Read more

Letters: A Celebration of Kit Trubey

Bill Wygand from The Orchard at Altapass submitted this letter to CaryCitizen.

Cary, NC – Katherine “Kit” Carson Trubey made a decision in 1995 that has changed our lives. The story about an orchard situated at mile 328.3 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, how it began in 1908, where it was headed and how it was saved, is known to many. Part of that story, however, does not always get the attention it deserves.  Read more

Cary’s Freestyle Soccer Star: Indi Cowie

Cary, NC – Many people watch sports for the spirit of competition but there is much more than can be done with athletics. For proof, just look at Indi Cowie, a Cary resident who is making a career off her ability to perform amazing feats with a soccer ball. Read more

Sheila Ogle Receives 2016 Hometown Spirit Award

Cary, NC – Since 2009, Cary has recognized important members of the community with the Hometown Spirit Award. And this year, the award went to someone who has been closely linked with downtown Cary and its development: Sheila Ogle. Read more

Local Resident Designed Efficient Solar House

Cary, NC – As the Winter weather comes in, many of us start to think about heating, electricity and all of the bills that come with it. But one local resident has designed and built a house with optimal solar efficiency in mind. And best of all, he gets to live in it. Read more

Cary History: Remembering Dick Ladd

Cary, NC – Sadly, one of Cary’s stalwarts and the founder of many important Cary institutions, G. Richard “Dick” Ladd, died on Monday, September 5, 2016. Ladd’s impact on the town was extensive and goes back many years, shaping Cary into what it is today. Read more

Profile: Hill Carrow, Cary Sports Expert

Cary, NC — I interviewed Hill Carrow, one of the leading forces who brought nationally-acclaimed sporting facilities like the WakeMed Soccer Park and USA Baseball to Cary, to learn more about how he entered the world of sports tourism. Read more

Constance Pappalardo

Cary Artist: Constance Pappalardo

Constance Pappalardo

Cary, NC — I met Constance Pappalardo, a Cary artist, to hear her stories about growing up in New York, traveling as a missionary and the art she creates today. Read more

Chuck Norman

10 Questions: Chuck Norman, Cary Chamber Chairman

Chuck Norman

Cary, NC — I sat down with Chuck Norman, the owner of S&A Communications and Cary Magazine, to talk about Cary and what he’s doing right now at the Chamber of Commerce. Read more

Cary Artist: Jan Kinlaw


Cary, NC — Jan Kinlaw paints colorful, whimsical canvases out of her home studio and exhibits her work in the Cary Gallery of Artists. But there’s so much more to her art than that. Read more