Cary Scavenger Hunt: There’s an App For That

Cary, NC  – Over the seven years that CaryCitizen has produced the annual Cary Scavenger Hunt, we have made many improvements along the way. This year will mark our biggest improvement to date: A PHONE APP! Read more

Cary Scavenger Hunt: Our Biggest Hint

Cary, NC – The Cary Scavenger Hunt is in its seventh year of memory-making fun. One of our biggest hints about how to win big involves our wonderful sponsors. Read more

cary scavenger judges

Cary Scavenger Hunt: Here Come the (Celebrity) Judges!

cary scavenger judges

Cary, NC-  Some of the most iconic leaders in Cary will be on our panel of judges for the 2014 Cary Scavenger Hunt. Thank you, judges! Read more

scavenger hunt

Cary Scavenger Hunt – Just 4 Weeks Away

scavenger hunt

Cary, NC – The Cary Scavenger Hunt is just 4 weeks away. Register now to guarantee t-shirts for your team. You gotta be in it to win it!

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cary scavenger hunt

Cary Scavenger Hunt: This Year’s Strategy

cary scavenger huntCary , NC – As the Cary Scavenger Hunt draws near, we’re spending a great deal of time mapping out the town creating intriguing or puzzling clues.Each year, our teams amaze us with how many locations they manage to find and how high they score. Get a hint on this year’s strategy and 10% off registration through July 31.

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cary scavenger hunt

Cary Scavenger Hunt: 10% Off in July

cary scavenger huntCary, NC – The 4th Annual Cary Scavenger Hunt is coming on Saturday, September 21, 2013. Here are some highlights and hints about this iconic Cary event, plus a 10% discount for registration in July.

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Celebrity Judges at Cary Scavenger Hunt

Story by Leslie Huffman.

Cary, NC – I have fun doing my job. Mostly because I get to meet so many interesting people in the community. Most are business owners or families that love the Scavenger Hunt. But, this week, I got to hang out with the “movers & shakers” of Cary. Read more

Scavenger Hunt: Your Chance To Be A Movie Star

Cary, NC – Anyone ever tell you that you have a face for the movies? Well, we think so! In fact, if you sign-up right now for the Cary Scavenger Hunt, you could be chosen to appear in the 2012 Cary Scavenger Hunt Movie! Read more

Technology: What’s a QR Code?

Story by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Ever see those little boxes with a bunch of jaggy patterns in them? They’re called QR codes and they connect the world of print to the internet. Read more