Lori’s Blog: Which Waze?

Cary, NC – When was the last time you looked at a paper map to get somewhere? A long time ago, I know. I remember ordering the AAA TripTiks not so long ago – plotting the route we would take while on the road to a vacation. Ok, so now I feel old. Read more

Traffic Light Added To Cary Parkway Intersection

Cary, NC – One of Cary’s busiest intersections, the meeting of West Chatham Street and Cary Parkway is now getting a traffic light to hopefully prevent future accidents. Read more

Making North Carolina Streets Safer for Motorcyclists

Cary, NC – For many native and long time North Carolinians, it may be no surprise that nearly half of the state’s population owns a motorcycle. From locals to tourists, North Carolina’s practically perfect year-round weather and diverse landscapes make it a motorcyclist’s paradise. While an increase of motorcycle tourism can boost the local economy, it also results in greater risks on the road. Although motorcyclists hold a great deal of responsibility in their own safety, there are ways that North Carolinians can help to make the streets safer for motorcyclists.

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Avoiding Joint Pain During Travel

Editor’s Note: Todd Wegerski, clinic director for the Brier Creek, CaryMorrisville and Southpoint Joint Chiropractic clinics contributed to this article.

Cary, NC – How many of you remember the classic movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles?” While I enjoyed watching this again over the weekend, it made me think about all of my patients who will be traveling over the holidays and how you can prevent injuries as you travel. Remember, the holidays are stressful and our bodies are more prone to injury when we are under stress.

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Cary Student Wins Atlantic Tire’s Car Repair Contest

Cary, NC – While buses and bikes are popular ways to get around in Cary, cars are still an integral part of local transportation and one resident recently won a contest to make sure his car was in working order so he could get around. Read more

Morrisville Breaks Ground on McCrimmon Expansion

Morrisville, NC – A plan that has been talked about for more than a decade, the Town of Morrisville held its groundbreaking ceremony to talk about extending McCrimmon Parkway. Read more

Wake Transit Funding Up for Vote

Cary, NC – Most of the attention this election season has been on the Senate, the Governor’s mansion and the White House but there is one issue on the ballot that is closer to home. At the polls, voters will get to make a decision on Wake County’s funding source for an expansion of mass transit. Read more

Another Gas Shortage May Be Coming to Cary

Cary, NC – If you remember earlier this September, a pipeline leak resulted in long lines and low supplies for gasoline in Cary. Now a pipe explosion may do the same. Read more

Cary’s Buses Switching Names, Offering Free Rides

Cary, NC – While all of the bus systems in the Triangle area are connected, many people are unaware and do not know about transfers between nearby cities. But a new area-wide effort is changing the names of buses to be more clear, including Cary’s C-Tran. Read more